Súrya Námaskára – Sun Salutation

Súrya Námaskára As the days get longer and summer is upon us, this practice is the perfect way to start your day, bringing vitality and awareness to yourself. The Súrya Námaskára, known as Sun Salutation, is a simple Sequence with 8 Ásana (psyco-bio-physic position), accepted by all the Yoga Schools (with some small variations). For those who are attending our…

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Thank You for Joining our Mother’s Day Event

Thanks to all mums, dads and children for attending our Mother’s Day event. It was nice to see you and your family and I hope you enjoyed our fun yet relaxed event. This was just a small way of saying Thank You for continuing to prefer our Maternity Physiotherapy, Pilates classes and Massages throughout the years. I know some of…

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