About our Postnatal Pilates

Important Note: Posture & Pelvic Floor Workshop is mandatory and the first step if you want to join our Physiotherapy services and POSTNATAL Pilates classes.

Learn how to exercise safely after childbirth and help your body regain its pre-pregnancy figure by safely exercising your core and pelvic floor muscles, back, arms and legs with our Postnatal Physio-Pilates Classes.
Our classes cater for Vaginal or Cesarean birth and all exercises are progressive and respecting your postnatal stage and your body’s ability.  You must attend our 3 hour Workshop before enrolling in our Postnatal Phyiolates Programme. The basic posture to safely exercise during our classes is explained to you in this workshop together with the all so important Pelvic Floor muscles. Each Postnatal Pilates Class is 55m in duration and includes Clinical Pilates Exercises adapted to your postnatal period. Programme includeS small equipment and some of the classes will also include cardio exercises.

The Postnatal Pilates programme also includes:

  • Core Postnatal Exercises
  • Postural Postnatal Exercises
  • Pelvic Floor Postnatal Exercises
  • Flexibility Postnatal Exercises

The Postnatal Pilates Workshop is very important, as Deborah our Chartered Physiotherapist in Women’s Health, will conduct a Postural assessment, check the separation of your abdominal muscles (Diastasis Recti) and teach how to exercise safely during the remaining of the Pilates classes.

Next Course:


Date: Monday, 3rd February 2020
Time: 7.30pm
Duration: 5-weeks
Location: Kylemore Road, Dublin 12

Date: Wednesday, 5th February 2020
Time: 7.30pm
Duration: 4-weeks
Location: Sandyford Community Centre, D18

*Important Note: This is a Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates Programme and as such you are required to attend our 3h compulsory Posture & Pelvic Floor Workshop, if you are new to our Physiofit Woman Programme. Please do not book the Postnatal Physiolates course if you did not complete the Workshop as your booking will not be accepted.
We understand that our Protocol may not suit every individual requirements or needs but this is the way we operate at Physiofit Woman and we are quite happy with the long lasting results we have achieved with our patients.

Please visit www.iscp.ie to find a Chartered Physiotherapist that matches your requirements.


The number of participants in a class will vary but maximum per class is 12 people. The small size of our classes at Physiofit Woman, ensure that you get the attention you need to make sure you are doing your exercises properly, with the right technique thus preventing injuries.

Generally our Postnatal Pilates classes run either for 4-weeks or 6-weeks, meeting once a week for a 55m class. Please note that if you miss a class, Deborah gives the opportunity to compensate by attending another class on a different date/venue only during the same period that the course is running.

You must attend our 3h compulsory Posture and Pelvic Floor Workshop before enrolling in our Beginners Pilates Programme.

All courses are pre-paid at least one week before the start of the Course.

All our Pilates courses have a start and end date. Please note that if you miss a class, Deborah gives the opportunity to compensate a class by attending another class on a different date/venue only during the same period that the course is running.

No refund on missed classes. Drop-in classes are subject to availability and you must call ahead to check availability before booking a spot for a drop-in class.

  • Please bring your Pilates mat when attending Sandyford Community Centre
  • We use a Pilates Ball at least once on each course  – Please BRING your Pilates Ball to Sandyford Community Centre! Follow us of our Facebook page for Ball Class Reminder!
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