About our Pregnancy Physiotherapy

Important Note: Posture & Pelvic Floor Workshop is mandatory and is the first step if you want to join our Physiotherapy services and Physio-Pilates classes.

As part of our Women’s Health Clinic Services, PhysioFit Woman offers a dedicated Pregnancy Physiotherapy and Antenatal Physiotherapy service for any woman who is expecting and at any stage of their pregnancy.

For years, discomfort and pain associated with expecting a baby was accepted as a normal part of being pregnant. Mums-to-be should be able to enjoy their pregnancy to the full and now many General Practitioners and Consultants recommend Pregnancy Physiotherapy for relieving the discomfort experienced by pregnant women and helping them prepare the body for an easier delivery and recovery process.

Fortunately today, it is possible to significantly reduce and maintain the level of discomfort or pain to a minimum, through proper Pregnancy Physiotherapy Treatments and Pregnancy Physio- Pilates Classes.

At Physiofit Woman, we specialise in Maternity Physiotherapy and we follow a Comprehensive Pregnancy Protocol developed by our Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Deborah Fernandes.

Over the last 23 years Deborah developed a system or protocol that aims to reduce pain during pregnancy and improve quality of life while expecting. This protocol integrates several disciplines such as Educational Posture & Pelvic Floor Workshop, hands-on Physiotherapy, Exercise and Body Work.

It’s is a process that is individualised and it takes its time rather than a quick-fix to reduce pain. Throughout the protocol you will learn valuable tools that you can use immediately and will become part of your maintenance plan. Instead of letting the pain control you, learn how to control and manage the pain yourself with our Pregnancy Protocol!

Pregnancy Physiotherapy Protocol

Our Pregnancy Physiotherapy Protocol targets common Pregnancy-related conditions such as:

    • Pelvic Girdle Pain
    • Lower Back Pain
    • Sciatica Pain
    • Neck & Shoulder Pain
    • Carpal Tunnel
    • Incontinence
    • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
    • Fluid Retention/ Oedema

Our Pregnancy Physiotherapy Protocol includes 4 important steps:

STEP 1: Posture & Pelvic Floor Workshop

This is a 3h workshop is mandatory in order to attend our Pregnancy Physiotherapy and/or our Pregnancy Physio-Pilates classes.

If you want to reduce pain and discomfort you need to understand how to position your body throughout the pregnancy. In this WS I will cover everything you need to know about correcting and realigning your body to prevent or minimise back pain, sciatica pelvic girdle pain, etc.

Also, you will learn everything you need to know about your pelvic floor muscles, as these muscles have a major influence with back pain and need to be prepared for delivering your baby (regardless the way you will deliver the baby).

STEP 2: Pregnancy Physiotherapy

Once you attend the Workshop you can then book a Physiotherapy session with our Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Deborah Fernandes, MISCP.

The 1st Physiotherapy Consultation is up to 75min and includes Consultation, Assessment and Hands-On Treatment.

The information and tools that you have learned during the Posture Workshop will be used during this Consultation. Appointments are booked and pre-paid online up to 48h prior to your appointment. An online payment link will be emailed to you once you confirm you want to proceed with the booking.Please note that Deborah only accepts 8 new clients per month (after completing the WS).

STEP 3: Pregnancy Physio-Pilates

Once you complete the Workshop you will be ready to join our Pregnancy Physio-Pilates classes either in Kylemore, Dublin 12 (Mondays at 6.30pm) or Sandyford, Dublin 18 (Wednesdays at 6.30pm). Our classes will ensure that you keep the correct posture while toning the body and prepare you for labour

STEP 4: Pregnancy Therapies

Our Therapist, Lynn is available on Fridays and one Saturday per month. She offers, Reflexology, Massage and Craniosacral Therapy to help keep the benefits from the physio session.

Get your Partner involved in your Pregnancy well-Being with our dedicated Antenatal services such as our Antenatal Partner Workshop. We also offer a Mum-to-be Retreat in our clinic in Wexford if you wish to learn how your partner can help you during labour and delivery while enjoying a weekend away with your other-half.

In a nutshell:

Posture & Pelvic Floor Workshop + Pregnancy Physiotherapy & Therapies + Pregnancy Physio-Pilates Classes  = Pregnancy Wellness!

But don’t take our word for it! Check our Facebook Reviews and Google reviews specific to our Posture Workshop and our Maternity Physiotherapy services and the positive impact our Protocol brought to more than 2000 women that availed of Physiofit Woman Services during and after their pregnancies!

Women can also experience pains and discomforts after labour, some of which can endure for several weeks, months or even years if not addressed properly. Find out more about our unique Postnatal Physiotherapy and exclusive Postnatal Physio-Pilates Programme.

Benefits of Pregnancy Physiotherapy:

  • It reduces aches and pains
  • It reduces bladder leakage by improving function of pelvic floor muscles
  • It keeps the muscles in shape including core to minimise Rectus Diastasis (abdominal separation)
  • It helps preparing for labor and delivery (Vaginal Delivery or Cesarean Delivery)
  • It keeps you active and functional

Important Note: We are currently experiencing a 4-week waiting list for first time patients in Dublin. To book your first Physiotherapy Consultation with our Chartered Physiotherapists in Women’s Health,  you are required to attend our 3h compulsory Posture & Pelvic Floor Workshop . On your 1st Physiotherapy visit you will need up to 75min session with Deborah and this session will be booked in the clinic after you complete the Posture Workshop. Please do not book the Consultation online as this service is not available on our APP and if you book a 60min Physio Follow-up as a first consultation, your booking will not be accepted.

We understand that our Pregnancy Protocol may not suit every individual requirements or needs but this is the way we operate at Physiofit Woman and we are quite happy with the long lasting results we have achieved with our patients.

Please visit www.iscp.ie to find a Chartered Physiotherapist that matches your requirements.

On your 1st Physiotherapy visit you will need up to 75min session with Deborah Fernandes, our Women’s Health Physiotherapist, for a detailed consultation and your 1st Physiotherapy treatment. Following both assessment and diagnosis, Deborah will decide what is the best treatment plan. You may need 30 min or 60 min Physiotherapy follow-up