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Hello December 2020

hello december 2020

Hello December This is it! We reached the last month of 2020. A year that we will remember forever, even our children will remember this year. My nephew Luca was counting the days to the end of our second lockdown so he can come over and have a sleepover with his brother and my goddaughter’s sisters. The girls are also…

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Successful VBAC – Invest in You!

I can honestly say that Deborah Fernandes of Physiofit Woman was the most important and trusted health professional I had during my two pregnancies and post birth recovery. My initial experience with Physiofit Woman was  on my first pregnancy when I joined the Pregnancy Pilates classes in 2014. From the beginning I noticed an improvement in back pain and my posture. I loved going each week. We all had such…

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Hello November

This Halloween and despite the circumstances, I hope you managed to dress up for the occasion and celebrated this special event with your children and family. I shared our Halloween Pilates Group picture as I did not want to break our tradition. Such precious memories that we have created and we will look back one day and remember… that was…

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Trauma – Beyond the Physical

For those who know me well, this topic is not new to you. You hear me talking about trauma (physical, emotional, psychological) during my workshops, Pilates classes and mainly during our one-to-one Physiotherapy sessions. But the truth is, I have never written about it. The majority of people that attend my services are in pain (a lot of pain). Some…

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Hello October 2020

October for me marks the start of the Autumn season. The Autumn Leaves song sung by the incredible Nat King Cole comes to mind. The days become shorter, the air feels cooler, the colourful leaves falling, time for hats and scarfs. My flight was cancelled last minute again.  As a result, I took some time to pack the summer clothes…

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