We have finished our 4-week Mother & Baby Pilates and it was a great course where mums and babas exercised and danced together. Each week, as I was going through different themes such as colic and respiratory conditions, I realised that I needed extra knowledge on how essential oils can support pregnancy and postnatal and even some paediatric conditions.

I have asked one of the mums attending the Mother & Baby Pilates Course and expert in essential oils that we have featured on our Women Experts’ Corner Blog, Elizabeth Svensson, if she could provide us with a workshop and she said yes!

Please find below what Liz has to say about her own maternity journey and the support she got from the essential oils and details about the Workshop.

Becoming a mother is life-transforming in and of itself, so what if there were powerful natural tools that you could use to help support you and your Little One as you navigate your new life together?

Just over a year ago I started the journey of motherhood as I became pregnant with little Ella. Today she’s thriving at four months and I feel well on my way to recovery (getting my own body back!) and settling into my new role as a mother. Having the support and confidence in my essential oils has definitely made me sleep sounder at night, both literally and figuratively speaking, and I would love to share my experiences, tips and tricks with those who find themselves on this journey too.

Together with my friend and colleague, Catherine Walsh, a wholistic therapist and essential oil wiz, we’ve put together 3 different classes to cover how you can support yourself and baba from pregnancy to birth and beyond. In the 3 classes we’ll be covering issues like morning sickness, fatigue, digestive discomfort, hormonal imbalances, breast health, post natal recovery, sleep, mood and of course how to care for your Little One and the issues they might come across as they develop their little bodies and minds.

As there’s so much to share we’ve divided the classes into three different workshops. To book just click the links you wish to attend:

Class 1: Pregnancy and labour  – Pregnancy class 11th Dec

Class 2: Postnatal recovery – Post Natal class 15th Dec

Class 3: Newborns and babies – Newborns and Babies class 18th Dec

Depending on where you are at in your own journey, feel free to join 1, 2 or all 3 of the classes! With each class you’ll also receive 2 small essential oil samples so that you’ll be able to experience the oils yourself.

Having the right support is key and I definitely know that these natural tools are playing a huge role in my success. If you’re open to bringing in some natural support into your routine, I really look forward to sharing this with you!

Liz xxx



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