Physiofit Woman offers a unique system specific to reduce Back Pain, Pelvic Girdle Pain, Sciatica and Poor Posture whilst restoring body function. This System was developed by Chartered Physiotherapist Deborah Fernandes over the last 20 years and the results speak for themselves. We have been blessed with testimonials and reviews from our clients who took their time to share their experience with Physiofit Woman’s unique Physio services so that others who are also experiencing pain could get some sort of solution or answer to their problem.

This system is the foundation for any woman experiencing physical pain, at any stage of their lives (General back pain,Pregnancy, Postnatal including c-section scar and diastasis recti, Incontinence and Sexual dysfunction, Post-breast cancer, Menopause, Osteoporosis, etc). Although personalised to each individual’s clinical presentation, the Reduce Pain and Restore Function Programme includes 3 general steps:

  1. RESET your body & mind – through our Posture workshop
  2. REALIGN your musculoskeletal system – through hands-on Physiotherapy
  3. RESTORE your body & mind – Through our Physio-Pilates Classes

Deborah’s approach to pain is very objective and empowering. She feels that it is your body, it is  your pain and ultimately it is your responsibility to take control and manage your symptoms the best way you can and that is achieved by educating yourself whilst acquiring different tools that will help you identify the pain trigger and immediately take action so that the problem does not escalate. At Physiofit Woman we do not offer the quick fix. Do not expect us to handle you a sheet of paper with some exercises so you can do it from home. That is not our approach and we would not dare giving you exercises without assessing and correcting your posture.  

1- RESET Body & Mind – Posture Workshop 

First you need to understand how your body works and learn how to listen to the messages of your body.  This is a process that requires time and patience, you will learn the basics of body anatomy, how your brain processes pain and how your body reacts & compensates when in pain. This means that Body Awareness is paramount in this programme and with time you will be the Master of your own body! Why because rather than just feeling you are in pain, you will know exactly what is happening to your body as you become in tuned with the messages you are receiving from your own body and brain – how empowering is this?

This workshop is mandatory if you wish to attend our Physiotherapy consultation and treatments but also if you wish to attend our Physio-Pilates Classes

2- REALIGN the Musculoskeletal system and beyond – Hands-on Physio

During the Posture Workshop, you will be amazed to discover how your body is presenting itself in the presence of pain. As soon as you look at yourself in the mirror and you are guided to observe certain body parts you will be surprise how your body is out of alignment. Why? Because the body is running away from the pain and by doing this adopts certain positions/postures that will in time cause other sorts of pains and complaints. That is where hands-on Physiotherapy plays a major role! Our Physiotherapy sessions are key to unlock trauma and target acquired patterns our body has developed over the years. We go as far back as the age of the trauma or incident that caused the pain. It might be multifactorial but regardless we take in consideration the impact your pain has on the physical, emotional, and mental dimensions of your life. We use different tools from Manual Therapy, Scar Rehabilitation, Breathing Techniques, Myofascia release, Electrotherapy to help the body re-aligning to the way it was meant to be. As we realign the body, you will feel the freedom on your joints, the space in between your organs, the activated tone in your muscles, the space in your mind and increased levels of energy and well-being. 

3- RESTORE Body & Mind – Physio-Pilates Classes

How do we achieve a long-lasting effect of this new acquired sense of freedom and pain free? By attending our well-established Physio-Pilates classes. These weekly classes are functional classes that will seal the benefits of the Posture workshop and Physiotherapy sessions and will create the future frame for your new pain free body!

With each level of our unique Physio-Pilates classes you will acquire new tools regarding pain management and body awareness whilst getting your body stronger from inside out.

These classes can be presential in Dublin and Wexford or now you can also partake our Online Physio-Pilates classes from the comfort of your own home.

Once you attend our Posture Workshop you can join our classes anytime.

About Deborah Fernandes, MISCP

Deborah is an experienced Physiotherapist who developed this programme based on her own experience with back pain, multiple surgeries and the impact of the scar tissue pain on the body and finally secondary Lymphoedema. Her continued professional development revolves in finding a solution to pain that conventional medicine cannot resolve or help. Deborah’s approach to pain is holistic and multidimensional as we know that it is not only the body that suffers.

Most people that attend Deborah’s services are referrals from other clients who tried different options before meeting Deborah.

She is also a qualified trainer and knows how to deliver complex content with quality in a clear and simple matter so that it is easy to assimilate. Deborah is quite direct, no sugar coating yet fun and accessible.

This programme is for anyone who wants to Reduce their pain and Restore function in their body. This Programme is specifically to anyone who is serious about their Health and Well-Being and are committed in investing time and energy in understanding their body so they can achieve optimal health.

This programme is for any woman at any stage of her life that is enduring pain:

  • Pregnancy & postnatal-related Conditions
  • Post-surgery pain and scar (endometrioses, adenomyosis, hysterectomy, caesarean, mastectomy, etc)
  • Menopause
  • Repetitive Sports Injury
  • *Lymphoedema
  • *Lipoedema

Think about freedom of movement and zero to minimum pain while performing basic daily tasks. Think about enjoying your favourite sports without taking painkillers and feeling confident with your body’s ability to perform without restrictions. Think about paying with your children and running with your dog without any limitations or restrictions.

*with Lymphoedema & Lipoedema the programme focus on joint mobility, muscle tone and Lymphatic Drainage.

    1. Understanding how the body works and what is causing the pain. Most of the times we are causing the pain ourselves, but we just do not realise it as we do not know any better.
    2. Learn how to correct our posture and unleash the power of our muscles
    3. Improve body awareness 
    4. Retrain our brain to recognise pain triggers 
    5. Learn how to listen to the messages of your own body
    6. Acquire practical and efficient tools that you can use at anytime and anyplace as soon as you start feeling the pain
    7. Reduce Pain, Restore Function and achieve optimal Health and Wellbeing!

The first part of the programme includes:

  • 30min Postural one-to-one Assessment with Deborah Fernandes, MISCP
  • Women: 3h Posture & Pelvic Floor Workshop online (includes Pelvic Floor WS)
  • Men: 2h Posture Workshop online
  • 1st Physiotherapy Consultation (up to 75min) and 2x30min *Physio Follow-up 
  • 4-week Pilates Course

*Lymphoedema & Lipoedema requires 2x60min sessions

After completing the first part of the Programme, Physiotherapy Follow-up sessions are available as long as you require them and the Physio-Pilates courses are ongoing and  progress to different levels if you wish to continue to strengthen your body, challenge yourself and improve your performance.

You have maximum up to two months to complete this first part of the Programme. This is the initial commitment that we request you invest in terms of time so that you can start making the necessary changes to achieve your goal.

Only 4 people are accepted per month in each of our clinics, Dublin and Wexford. The Programme starts as soon as you attend the Posture Workshop (the workshop is held once a month in Dublin and once a month in Wexford).

You have the option of paying each service separately or avail of 10% discount when paid in advanced as a full package:

  • Woman Reduce Pain & Restore Function:

Paying per service – total of €620

Paying in advanced for full Programme – total of €570 (save €50)

  • Man Reduce Pain & Restore Function:

Paying per service – total of €570

Paying in advanced for full Programme – €520 (save €50)

  • Lymphoedema & Lipoedema Programme

Paying per service – Total of €680

Paying in advanced for full Programme – total of €630 (save €50)