Most people will wait until something is wrong or they feel ongoing pain before seeking help. I know this because that is how a lot of my clients ended up seeking me out and it is also the way I started out with my own health. However, over the years I have learnt and now passionately teach, that prevention is really where it is at. We only have one body for this life – it is pretty logical that we should make sure to take extremely good care of it if it’s to last us the full length of our journey!

So, it was from this place that I came across Deborah and Physiofit Woman. We share a similar passion for helping people, women, and love educating and learning about health. I was finally ready to embark on motherhood and did not want to do it without strong support behind me from someone who shares the same values as me. Deborah was the perfect fit! When I first started with Physiofit Woman, attending the postural and pelvic floor workshop, I was not pregnant yet but wanted to get my body strong and ready. In the past I practiced both classical ballet and yoga but with a feeling that I was never really able to engage my core properly, hence my core strength was none to speak of. In that first workshop with Deborah I got answers to so many of my questions as to why that was and connecting with my core for what felt like the very first time! I continued my Pilates classes and individual sessions with Deborah and went through my first pregnancy pain free. I know that would not have been the case had I not worked with Deborah and learnt what I did. What was more, she also took on my husband and managed to help him with his back pain – he does not want to go to anyone else for help now! And I know the reason we both continue getting sessions and learning from her – she incorporates education in her sessions, meaning that you go away feeling empowered and actually with the ability to take your healing into your own hands.

I have since given birth to a lovely little girl (who has already had her first session with Deborah!), now focusing on the postnatal recovery. Because pregnancy may be taxing on your system for 9 months and labour may be painful for a few hours (60 in my case…!), but becoming a parent is a long term shift in how you use your body and not to be taken lightly! We want it to last for the whole journey, right?!

About Liz:

Liz found us little over a year ago and immediately resonated with Physiofit Woman’s approach to Women’s Health and Well-being. She loves the educational piece you get from our workshops (Posture WS and Birthing Partner WS) and the Pregnancy Pilates classes and finds the hands-on Physio individual sessions an invaluable addition to the program.

It is worth mentioning that Liz did not reach out to us because she was in pain or discomfort, fortunately she did not experience pain before or during her pregnancy, but rather wanted to prevent pain and keep herself well and informed throughout her pregnancy. As most of you know, unfortunately, this is not our typical client. We wish it were the case, but only a very small percentage of women reach out to us to prevent pain, the majority is already suffering from mild to severe pain.

With over 10 years of experience and having run her own Kinesiology practice, Liz leads one of the top teams in Ireland, educating people on the benefits and uses of essential oils. She has a passion for and deep belief in natural healthcare and work through helping people find their own unique, sustainable way to a healthy lifestyle. Her work is based on using only natural products and works from a whole person approach to health where your emotional and mental wellness is as important as your physical health. She hosts online programs as well as live classes and workshops. Below you will see a short video of Liz when she hosted a Detox Workshop in our clinic at the end of January 2020. Who would have thought that only a month later we would all be confined at home due to a pandemic? Thankfully, Liz continues to provide her workshops online. You can check out her website here and / or schedule yourself in for a free 20 min discovery call  by emailing her on [email protected]

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