I have been attending Deborah for the past 4 years having first started her Prenatal Pilates classes near my workplace during my first pregnancy. What luck for me as I did not know at the time what a specialist in her field she is. I highly recommend Deborah as a physiotherapist and educator! Deborah is unique in her knowledge of our bodies, how interconnected each muscle, ligament, organ is and how our posture and lifestyle make all these things work in harmony. She prides herself in investing in your long-term health by educating and sharing her vast knowledge. This has been invaluable to me through two pregnancies (one c-section and one VBAC) and postnatal experiences. Too often, pregnant women suffer pain needlessly, for example, Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP), thinking it “is a normal part of pregnancy”. It may indeed be normal, but it is also very treatable by Deborah. It is possible to experience long periods without any pelvis pain at all during pregnancy! Important to also mention that Deborah is a hands-on physio (not all that common in my experience of other physios). She is not just someone who will dry needle you and send you home with a few exercises. In fact, if you do not know how to protect yourself by knowing your neutral position, she will not give you even one single exercise as homework. She uses her knowledge to massage, mobilise, release, and work out the areas causing pain… often the root cause of pain being in an entirely different area to where you ultimately feel it! I recommend her to any woman I meet who mentions muscular pain. Don’t suffer needlessly… go to Deborah!! 😊

About Karen

Karen O’Keeffe started her journey with Physiofit Woman when pregnant with her first child in 2017. She started with our Pregnancy Posture Workshop and attended our Pregnancy Pilates classes. She continued her postnatal programme and I remember how she would religiously do her homework while continuing to attend regular physiotherapy treatments. When she became pregnant with her second child, she followed our Pregnancy programme again and ensured that she was ready, as much as possible, to have the labour she hoped for and at the end she did. Karen is a woman that looks for information and likes knowing how things work. I welcome my patients’ questions and I like when they want to know more about their pain and what they can do to minimise the pain. Being informed means being empowered but also means that you are more in control with what is happening with your body and ultimately your pain.

Karen is currently on maternity leave from her corporate job but has embarked in this new venture with her husband. As we all know, we are facing difficult times and it is not easy to open your own business in the middle of a pandemic. So, lets support local business as much as we can.

Karen and her husband set up a small artisan wine and champagne business called Veraison, based on a love of small, organic champagne and elegant, natural wines. They are bringing several of their favourite wine producers to Ireland to offer something a little different to the market. They are focused on working with small growers using 100% organic farming, creating low intervention wines and champagnes that taste amazing.

They are already stocking in some of the best restaurants in town and wine shops but can cater to private customers for 6 bottles as a minimum order.

Please feel free to share their details with your friends and family that might be interested. They are happy to provide recommendations and answer any questions you may have.

Email [email protected] and you can also check them out on Instagram www.instagram.com/veraison.ie/ and their website www.veraison.ie

Cheers to new ventures and wishing you success in your new business!

Deborah xxx


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