Hello January and Happy New Year my dear clients!

At last, 2021 is here! Not that this means that this is the end of COVID-19. I think we still have a bit more to go but the New Year brings hope and ahead of us there are 12 months of new opportunities. This is how I see it and I am going to stick with it! LOL

Not all was doom and gloom during last year. Even if it seems impossible, we also need to acknowledge the positive side of this pandemic and I plan to keep the positives with me once we return to some sort of normality. (I am begging my inner self not to fall back into my old habits, and I hope you do not fall back either!).

😊 We miss the hugs with our loved ones (friends and family) for sure. But it is a fact that most of my clients spent more quality time with their children because they were working from home. I know I could not see my boys physically but thanks to technology I spent more time than ever with my nephews. We have had regular video calls on Messenger so that we could play some games and play with their cool effects. In fact, I did this a lot with most of my friends and it was a fun moment that we never experienced pre-pandemic. I have so many pictures to mark this special bonding! <3

😊 I noticed that I saved a bit on petrol and despite continuing having to pay rent even if there are no classes in the studio, I welcomed the fact that I was teaching my classes from home and not having to drive at 9.45pm. I would switch off the laptop and just relax or do some admin work.

😊 I also saved money on takeaway food as I started to have time to cook and oh boy…I cooked a lot last year! I will be sharing some of my favourite recipes throughout the year. I also introduced walking as part of my exercise routine and as a result I lost 1 stone! Happy days!

😊 Businesswise, the pandemic forced me to adapt to a new business model, one that I never thought I would be able to follow before. We moved the classes online and thanks to technology I was able to reach beyond Dublin and even beyond Ireland. The world is our oyster indeed and this pandemic opened my eyes to a new modus operandi that is far more sustainable than the one I followed pre-COVID. Did you check our last video from yesterday? It truly represents us and the amazing community that I serve. We exercise, we learn, we laugh, and we socialise a bit (even if it is virtually).

Physiofit Woman has helped many women and their families in-person and online. Your feedback and testimonials from last year have been motivational and invaluable, as always.

I am grateful and honoured to be able to reach and help so many of you, but I am also disappointed that I could not help some of you. And it is those that I could not help that I think about the most, it is about those that I think what else could I have done?

I did a lot of online training in 2020, but I confess that this year (COVID-permitting), I am looking forward to attending in-person training that I had to cancel last year. Knowledge is power and I am eager to add other skills to my practice and who knows even re-invent my career! I can feel a big change coming soon…I wonder what it is…?

It is no secret to you that know me so well as a Physiotherapist, that I do not wish to work the long hours that I used to. I want to keep this plan alive and continue the positive changes that COVID-19 brought to my lifestyle so limited appointments only will be available.

In the meantime, although classes will resume online from the second week of January, bookings for new patients will only be available from mid-February or beginning of March. Posture & Pelvic Floor Workshop is still mandatory in order to attend our services.

I know I keep saying this but THANK YOU again for being part of this community and for trusting your health and well-being with us.

Wishing you and your family a 2021 full of health, happiness, and prosperity!

Lots of love,

Deborah xxx

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