This Halloween and despite the circumstances, I hope you managed to dress up for the occasion and celebrated this special event with your children and family. I shared our Halloween Pilates Group picture as I did not want to break our tradition. Such precious memories that we have created and we will look back one day and remember… that was the year we had most of our classes online because of a virus.

Things have changed so much over the last eight months. Who would have thought that I would be teaching so many classes online? I am even teaching the Posture and Pelvic Floor Workshops online, especially now that we are on level 5 of the new restrictions. For those who wanted their mum, sister, friend or colleague to attend the workshop but it was impossible because unfortunately, they could not travel to Dublin or Wexford, this is the chance to become part of our Physiofit Woman community.

With a different format, where we will have a 30 minute one-to-one session to assess your posture before attending the Group Workshop. Yes, it is a different format but the quality content remains and feedback has just been amazing with clients saying how the workshop has been life-changing.

As you well know, the workshop gives you access to my Physio-Pilates classes.They are busy and if  I were 20 years younger, I would be teaching every single evening as I used to, but I am not 20 anymore (reality check here) so I’m only teaching two evenings per week. If some of my clients would move on to other studios/instructors (this is because they genuinely do not need me anymore), I would have more space to accept new clients to our classes. But as one of my ladies from the Advanced Pilates said ” we shall not be moved!!”, what am I supposed to do? LOL

Well, one of the solutions is to teach classes during the mornings and lunch-time. We are finally starting our Mother & Baby Pilates. It will be only a 4-week course and it is exclusive to our Physiofit Woman mums who attended the Pregnancy Pilates over the last six months.

I will also be teaching one more Posture and Pelvic Floor Workshop during the month of November and that’s it for this year.

I am going to take a break in the month of December and if all goes well, I will be back mid-January. I need time to reassess my business and figure out how to navigate safely during these uncertain times (is this even possible)? I have a lot of content to create, I want to study and not less important, I need some well deserved rest. Zzzz

2020 has been a difficult year for all of us but I am taking this challenge as an opportunity to define my priorities both personally and professionally. For this, I need time and the perfect time for me is December.

So if you need to see me, please try to do so during this month of November, considering that my availability is very limited anyway, but as always I will do my best to see you.

We are nearly there…but in the meantime stay safe.

Deborah xxx

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