October for me marks the start of the Autumn season. The Autumn Leaves song sung by the incredible Nat King Cole comes to mind. The days become shorter, the air feels cooler, the colourful leaves falling, time for hats and scarfs. My flight was cancelled last minute again. 

As a result, I took some time to pack the summer clothes and wash all the winter jumpers. It feels so strange, as I did not wear my summer clothes that much anyway as there was no summer holiday this year for most of us. Thanks Corona! 

It is funny how our body adjusts to the change of seasons. I am finding myself making more soups, broths, and stews to warm up the soul. I guess it is the way my body is telling me that it is time to boost my immune system and prepare it for the wintertime. This is me trying to listen to my body.

I honestly believe that I am on a mission to bring my body to a different level of health. I was so unwell during the first two months of the pandemic and although I am feeling much better, my energy levels are not quite there yet. I am eating home cooked meals, stocked up on my supplements, from vitamins to essential oils, and I am exercising on a regular basis but one big thing for me is SLEEP! I know when I sleep well, my health is so much better but when I do not sleep… I feel it at all levels. It is hard to sleep when your mind is constantly thinking about bills and work. The joys of being self-employed, I guess!  I am learning to switch off, but it is not easy given the uncertain times that we are living now. But thank God for Wexford! <3

Wexford gives me the headspace I need to be able to just be. I am getting busy in Wexford but I still manage to take time to go for a walk on the beach, meet friends for a meal and just simply enjoy time in my clinic which has a fantastic energy. Those who have visited me in Wexford know what I am talking about.

This year, we will miss the Wexford Opera festival and the buzz this festival brings.

This year, we will miss celebrating Halloween and going trick-or-treat with the children, but I hope you do something special with your kids to mark the date.

Remember the Halloween Facebook competition we had a few years ago? It was great and I will be re-posting some of the pictures plus the pictures of our Pilates ladies dressed up for our Halloween Pilates classes. Maybe we will do a ZOOM Halloween Pilates class with you ladies wearing the witch hat and a proper broomstick! LOL

Wishing you all a happy and warm October!

Deborah xxx

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