As the days get longer and warmer, I have to confess that I am so looking forward to my Summer break in June. I really need to recharge my batteries as health, work, training and travelling have been taking a toll on me.

I know I am booked out until the end of July but as you can imagine if I don’t give myself a bit of TLC I will collapse and then I will be no good to any of you – I’m trying to do what I preach! 🙂 Also I really need something to look forward, my reward for all the hard work.

As some of you know, I’m attending a Post-Graduation course in Women’s Health in Lisbon and although it is very interesting and I’m learning so much, the weekly travelling is killing me. But as I said before, it needs to be done and everyone will reap the benefits once I am finished with it.
While I’m in Lisbon I also get my Manual Lymphatic Drainage to help me manage my post-surgery Lymphoedema. I always say that this is the only treatment that I wish I could get every week in my clinic. But hopefully soon my dream will come true and I will say no more until I reveal more details in a future post.

Just for the Summer season I will reduce my classes to once a week where I will teach only one Prenatal, one Postnatal and one Physiofit Woman Pilates class on a Wednesday. Classes will go back to their three-day-a-week schedule from September and hopefully until then I will have more staff to help me cope with the demand for all of our services.

In the meanwhile our Summer Promotion is here. Get ready for the beach with 8 Slimming treatments for just €495! Package includes 4 Laser Fat Reduction and 4 Vacuum Body Reshape treatments. This is the ideal programme to kick start the bikini season. 🙂

Please note that for best results a course of 8 Laser sessions is recommended.
Offer is available for bookings made between June 10th and June 28th for the first 10 clients only.

Call 01 293 2969 or email to book your slimming course now!
Healthy wishes and enjoy the Summer!

Deborah xxx

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