Today is the 8th of September. The day we celebrate World Physiotherapy Day and pay tribute to all Physiotherapist who contribute daily in keeping people well, mobile and independent. Under the theme Movement for Health this year’s message is “Add Life to Years”. The message builds on the findings of WHO’s World Report on Ageing and Health and a range of reports indicating the contribution and cost effectiveness of physical therapy in healthy ageing.

Physiotherapists play a vital role in promoting general health and well-being to individual and ultimately communities and the spectrum of intervention is as wide as the diversity of conditions one can suffer.

As experts in physical activity Physiotherapists can offer structured and tailored exercise programmes that are essential to promote independence and therefore preventing illness and disability that comes associated with the lack of movement as we age.

Through our comprehensive Pilates-Physio Classes, Physiofit Woman is proud to contribute to this theme “Add Life to Years”. Movement, dancing, breathing, stretching and body awareness are the main ingredients to our Physiolates Classes no matter what stage of your life you are. The social aspect is also an important part of the class as you will meet others who will share the same journey with you, supporting and motivating in achieving your goals while having fun and making new friends. So what are you waiting for to add life to your years? Join a class near you and transform your life with the help of your local physiotherapist. We are just happy to help!

Happy World Physiotherapy Day to all my colleagues around the world!

Deborah xxx





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