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Principles of Pilates

German-born Joseph Pilates was the creator of a physical fitness system that initially was called “Contrology”. In the early 20th century Joseph Pilates developed his method as a system of exercises to strengthen both body and mind. He believed that his method uses the mind to control the muscles. This holistic approach improves flexibility, builds strength and develops movement control…

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Summer Preview

I had a small break last month visiting my relatives and friends in London and going to Bristol to spend Easter with my Godson. It’s been seven years since the last time I saw him and I cannot believe that he is going to University already. It took me too long to make the time in my busy schedule to…

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Happy March

March is definitely Women’s month! So much to celebrate and so many women’s health awareness events happening this month! On this blog I’m mentioning two important Women for Physiofit Woman and its patients. Through their knowledge and expertise on their own field they have been able to help so many women and present them with realistic health solutions. On the 8th…

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