Initially I couldn’t say that July was a good month for me but now I feel I can even though I am still recovering from my Achilles tendon surgery. I recently had my cast off which is great. I am now wearing a heavy boot which I have to say looks like I just walked off the moon! However I only have another 6 weeks to go. Then I start my Physio programme.

In the middle of all this drama I am truly grateful to my staff; Isabella who has stepped up her role as a Physiotherapist and is doing an amazing job, Roseline who also worked beyond what was expected and Liz who managed to have the clinic running smoothly. We were so busy with our ‘7th Anniversary massage’ offer but my staff did very well and delivered excellent results. Thanks for your great feedback. 🙂

I don’t know how would I have managed going from A to B if it wasn’t for my super scooter (knee walker) from – it was a life saver. I think that crutches have their days counted for many situations where you are not allowed to do weight bearing.

Not everything is negative despite my accident. I am using this time to reassess what more I can do to improve the clinic and what direction I should take. I am also utilising this downtime for me. I miss going out for a walk, driving and meeting friends for a chat and a nice meal but above all I miss dancing. I miss my foot so much! However I do believe that this accident happened for a good reason.

It made me:

1. Stop and just be. Time to review life and set new goals.

2. Appreciate what I have right now and as a result I am more grateful for the small things in life.

2. Reassess my priorities in life. As a result I have redefined happiness and have put balance back in my life.

Sometimes we keep making the same mistakes like trying to open the same locked door with the wrong key and we cannot see that we are missing other opportunities to opening those other doors. I am looking into new opportunities for the future.

Change is scary; we are so used to living the same old life even if we are not happy with it. We often keep doing the same thing over and over again rather than making the time to realign life with what makes us truly happy and having the courage to make the change.

Change is necessary; if we do not change we will not progress and life’s events will keep repeating themselves until we learn our lesson and make the necessary changes.

I am using this extra time as a rare opportunity to seek within myself the answers to all these uncertainties in my life and quite frankly I think I am achieving a lot.

So let’s wait and see what the future holds for me and my business over the next few months. Watch out I can feel some positive changes are on the way.

What about you? Have you been through some difficult but necessary changes to improve your happiness lately? Or are you still trying to unlock the same door with the wrong key?

Be brave, make the change and be Happy! 😀

Healthy Wishes
Deborah xxx

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