Whilst pregnancy is not considered an illness try telling that to some poor woman with her head down the toilet, heartburn only rivalled by a volcano and constant nocturnal escapades to the loo and I don’t think you will get an agreement.

That is where Pregnancy Reflexology comes in. It does not cure as I have always said, but it does help your body realign itself so to speak, allowing the natural rhythm to kick in.

From early pregnancy to labour, reflexology helps the body readjust to constant changes on hormonal, physical and emotional level.

Having been certified on maternity reflexology pregnant women can be assured that the reflexology treatment will be tailored to each trimester and needs.

Reflexology can’t do any harm. Reflexology main goals are:

1- to normalise the functions of the body
2- to balance the body
3- to relax the body

Each area will be worked accordingly to each trimester and appropriate strokes will be used.; i.e. In the first trimester the goal is to adjust the body to its new status promoting relaxation and well-being. Also during the first trimester, Reflexology will help with sickness and tiredness. During the second trimester will help with heartburn, frequent toilet trips and constipation and finally on the third trimester it will help with swollen ankles, lower back or pelvic pain.

Apart from all that it gives mums a chance to relax, and baby enjoys it too … judging by the movements mums report!

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Michelle Rhatigan, RGN, Reflexology Therapist

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