Can you believe it’s already been seven years that we are in business?

So much has happened since we started in 2008. From providing on-site Physiotherapy, Massages and Classes to corporate companies in Dublin to having our own clinic in Sandyford. From being Body Elements in 2008 and becoming Physiofit Woman in 2013.

A lot has changed and all for the better. When I arrived in Dublin in 2006, little did I know that I would be starting my own business. It is not that I didn’t want to but I had done it in my past and I knew how hard it was. Not only that, I was crazy enough to open a clinic as the recession was starting to hit Ireland.

Coming from Portugal and having gone through a similar situation in my own country I could foresee that Ireland was going in the same direction. I even remember saying this to my Director at the time.

Back in the boom days, people would pay €120 for a massage no problem, spend as much as they wanted and no one would complain. Well, maybe I would but again I come from a different reality.

It did pay off being one of the first Chartered Physiotherapists to implement unique services in the niche market of Women’s Health in Ireland.

You can now easily find Pregnancy and Postnatal Pilates, Pregnancy Massage and even post breast cancer treatments. But back in 2006 and until pretty much until 2012, it wasn’t so easy and that is why being the pioneer has paid off. I usually have a six-week waiting list for Women’s Health Physiotherapy treatments and my Antenatal Pilates and Postnatal Pilates are always booked-out in advance.

People know about us and they spread the word – best marketing tool ever! I have clients from all over Ireland that despite the travelling, they come to us to have a bit of relief from their pain so that they can mind their children, enjoy some exercise, stay active in work and continue with their lives as much pain-free as possible.

It hasn’t been a bed of roses for sure but despite all hardships encountered throughout this journey, I guess I can say I have a successful business. This is only possible because of my rock and shelter Mr P and my fantastic staff that believes in this project and breathes the same work ethic that I breathe. So a big Thank You to them.

A special thank you to all the healthcare professionals (GPs, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Pharmacists, Acupuncture therapists and others) who continue to refer patients to me.

And finally, I would not be here if you didn’t need me. To every single one of you who I have met throughout the years witnessing your families grow, to my male clientele who came because their spouses and partners insisted that they had to come (despite the name Physiofit Woman!), to my female clientele who looked for us for their general health and well-being and are still with us attending our classes and massages, and to every single mum who brings their child in for physiotherapy, I am so grateful and honoured that you have chosen me and my clinic to provide the care that is needed for you and your family.

Seven years later I can say that my business survived a first recession and thanks to all of you, my staff, my partner, my family and my friends, is going from strength to strength.

Here’s to seven more years! 😀

Healthy wishes and lots of love,

Deborah xxx

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