I wish you a Merry Christmas,
…and a happy New Year! As I’m mumbling this Christmas carol I’m wondering where did 2014 go?

So much happened this year that I wish it was still Summer. This way I could finish what I planned for 2014. It has been an extremely challenging year for me, both physically and emotionally. I am one exam away to complete my Post graduation in Women’s Health in Lisbon. Although I am exhausted, I feel so happy that I am achieving one of my dreams and grateful to have had the opportunity to develop my skills with brilliant teachers and wonderful colleagues. A total of twenty weekends travelling from Dublin to Lisbon and back should entitle me to some free Ryanair tickets! 🙂

I had to work like a mad woman during my training, working long hours and 6 days a week to compensate the time I was absent from my clinic. Mr. P would take me to the airport at 5am on a Friday and collect me either Sunday or Monday afternoon. Every time he would ask me “Can you not take a later flight?” But I couldn’t. I had to use all available days to work and meet ends needs.

As if this wasn’t enough, during the Summer my sweet dad had a brain aneurism that burst during surgery and as a result he has been in a hospital bed for the last 6 months just being able to breathe. It breaks my heart to see my dad like this. My family members are devastated especially my poor mum, and there is nothing that we can do except for praying. My dad is like me, a fighter… or better yet, I’m like him!  We were told that he would not survive the 1st night and to call the priest, which we did, but 6 months later he is still hanging in there and I feel he does not want to leave us. Christmas is going to be sad this year but going home and being with family it will help to reduce my suffering. My dad valued family above anything else and I know he would want us to spend Christmas together as a family.

He is my number one fan and big supporter. During one of the Post Graduation weekends, the last thing he said to me while hugging me before returning to Dublin was ”Don’t be afraid and follow your dreams. Never give up and you will be fine”. Even now when I go and visit him I tell him how things are going with me and the clinic, how Mr P. is taking good care of me and what my life in general is like and I believe he likes hearing my stories.

That’s me and my not so good side of my life. On a positive note I am adamant in taking control of my own health! 🙂 So the plan for 2015 is to do what I preach, meaning taking better care of my health and general well-being. I’m reducing my schedule so I can fit some exercise classes (me doing it and not teaching!) and some massages/reflexology, going back to my dance classes and some dates with my Italian man would be nice too! 😛

In order to do this I have on hand my amazing staff that will keep the ball rolling when I’m off duty. I started 2014 with one staff member and I’m ending this year with a total of eight! Each new staff member that starts with Physiofit Woman receives two weeks of in-house admin training with Clare and then training with me for another four weeks or more.

Training is paramount, each individual has their own experience and way of doing things but within our practice we all have to achieve the same standards and provide the same level of care. Those of you who know me very well, know that my standards are very high and that I am very demanding with my staff, they are very aware of this from day one and I can live with this no problem! 🙂

As a result of my high standards and quality training, my staff performs and delivers the best treatment and care, knowing that our priority at all times is YOU and your well-being.

I can feel 2015 is going to be exciting and the girls are also feeling the buzz.

We will stop all our therapies and physiotherapy treatments on the 20th December but Clare will be at the clinic to sell our Christmas Vouchers until 2pm on the 24th December.

From Pregnancy Massage to Postnatal Ritual, from Facials to Reflexology, from Sports Massage to our Pilates classes, a gift voucher from Physiofit Woman is the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Our clinic will reopen on the 5th of January 2015.

At this point I would like to thank each one of you for your custom and for making Physiofit Woman your preferred choice of care. We could not exist and grow without you! In the meanwhile I would also like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

With love
Deborah xxx

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