When your new baby arrives it is such a special time and goes by so quickly. They are only this tiny for such a short time and in just a few weeks it’ll be hard to believe they ever fitted into those tiny newborn onesies!

While it’s always worth getting some professional photos here are a few tips to help you take some gorgeous photos of your own newborn.

1. Use Daylight

This is probably the most important tip! It’s hard to see by eye but normal room lights are not as flattering to newborn skin tones as daylight. Instead, make sure your flash is off, turn off any room lights and position yourself near a window. In Ireland, we’re lucky to have a lot of lovely soft light which will light up your baby’s face and eyes. You’ll find that even the camera on your mobile will perform much better with lots of lovely daylight.

2. Keep It Simple

There are lots of very simple but lovely ways to photograph your newborn baby. Here are three of my favourites

Moses Basket or Crib

Position your moses basket near a window and then capture some lovely calm images while they are sleeping. If you make sure to have neutral coloured blankets and sheets so you avoid any strange colours being reflected onto your baby’s face ­ this is something you might not see by eye but it can show up in the camera.

Baby’s Big Cot

Another favourite place of mine is to place your tiny baby in their big cot. They will really look tiny and it will remind you of their size when you look back. You can photograph them from above or through the bars of the cot for a few different looks.

All Bundled Up

Even if you don’t generally swaddle your baby, it can work really well for newborn
images. It helps keep them calm and when they are awake it stops them flailing their little arms around. A really lovely way to photograph your baby is to wrap them in a favourite blanket and lay them on your bed or a blanket on the floor. This is a great way to get some shots of your baby with their eyes open.

3. Get In Close

Make sure to take some shots of your baby’s tiny toes, fluffy ears and wrinkled little hands. These disappear very quickly and are really gorgeous details you will want to remember.

4.​​Include Real Life

Do remember to include the rest of life happening around your baby. While you’ll want images that only focus on your baby, it’s nice to step back and include the surroundings as well. One of my favourite images when my youngest son arrived is his big brother holding his nose during a first nappy change.

5. Don’t aim for perfection

Don’t wait for your home to be perfectly tidy or your baby to be perfectly dressed. With a new baby you could end up waiting a while!

6. Be In the Frame Too

When your tiny baby grows up the images they are going to treasure most are those that include their Mum. Dad’s too of course!

7. Be Kind To Yourself

You’ve just had a baby and it’s exhausting! Looking after yourself and your new baby is your priority so don’t tire yourself out trying to capture every last minute! Even a handful of special images will be wonderful to look back on.

8. Have a Rest and Book a Photographer

It’s always a lovely idea to get some professional images of your newborn. Not only will you have a set of beautiful portraits to look back on, but it’s a good excuse to have a rest and let the photographer take over for a while! If you are choosing a photographer make sure to choose one who specialises in newborn photography and remember to book in before your baby arrives to ensure that you get the photographer you want.

I was truly exhausted after having my third little boy earlier this year and taking care of myself really helped me to enjoy my new little bundle. I can personally recommend a Postnatal Massage Ritual from Physiofit Woman to help you heal and feel more like yourself. I also attended Deborah’s Mother & Baby Pilates class which was really beneficial and also a lovely way to have some baby & me time!


About Libby O’Reilly

Libby O’Reilly is a fine art photographer who specialises in newborns and babies. You can read more about her newborn photography sessions here.

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Deborah xxx

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