It’s the diagnosis you have been dreading all along, it’s cancer. Your normal world has been thrown into chaos and with so many decisions to be made, your mind is in overdrive and you don’t know where to turn.

Stop for a minute. The best way to deal with any illness is to get to the best possible level of health for you. Stress is one of your biggest enemies as it can deprive you of the ability to make rational and informed decisions.

Reflexology is very helpful in the area of enabling the body to achieve its best, by bringing all body systems into line. It does not cure, but it can help you to feel better and to cope better with your illness. It will aid with relaxation which in turn will help enable you to clear your mind and therefore make informed decisions.

So, treatment begins. The biggest problems I have come across in cancer patients is exhaustion, stress and constipation. Many of the treatments can cause this problem which can be very uncomfortable, so by working on the colon area many people have found relief. Nausea can also be present so working on the liver, pancreas and stomach can help to eliminate residual toxins via the urine.

Most of all reflexology helps you relax, and gives you a sense of well being. To find out more about our Reflexology treatments click here.

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