If you have read my last post you probably remember that I said that re-occurrence rates for Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) are high.

If you are one of “my” mums who attended our Physiotherapy treatments throughout your pregnancy, you would know by now that I would like to see you during your postnatal period. This stands also if you are one of the postpartum mums who felt that by some sort of miracle the pain in your pelvis and back was gone.

Some of you reported pain as early as 5 weeks into the pregnancy and I kid you not when I say that sometimes I’m either the 1st or the 2nd person to know that you are pregnant! 🙂

How many of you thought “This pain is familiar. I’m having the same sort of pain I had during my last pregnancy. I better have a pregnancy test done!”

Most of you started your Pregnancy Physiotherapy Programme with Physiofit Woman while expecting your second or third child. Most of you actually felt much better and mobile than in your previous pregnancy where you had no Physiotherapy care whatsoever.

Our comprehensive Pregnancy Physiotherapy Programme keeps you relatively pain-free while you are expecting your baby. Our programme ranges from Physiotherapy sessions to Pregnancy Pilates and Pregnancy Massages.

Then your big day arrives and deep down inside you hope that the pain you endured during your pregnancy is gone. Some of you will continue to have the pain postpartum, some several months after childbirth and some only when you become pregnant again.

Will you take the risk of developing PGP early in your next pregnancy?

It’s challenging. Recovering and healing after childbirth takes time and once the baby is born there is so much going on. You think that you don’t have the time to mind yourself with so much happening around the baby. Let me tell you that if you don’t start taking proper care of your body after childbirth, sooner or later your body will give out to you, especially if you have suffered from PGP during your pregnancy. It might be that you cannot walk with the baby buggy, lift, carry or even play with your child!

A simple task can become a mammoth undertaking!

Fear not! After childbirth Physiofit Woman offers the same optimal care as when you were pregnant in 3 simple steps:

We ensure that your pelvis, back, core and pelvic floor work in synergy. We make sure they get the proper alignment and strength required to help you cope with the demands of being a new mum. We also provide Manual Lymphatic Drainage to help reduce the swelling and discomfort on your legs, arms and face.

Our combined Physiotherapy and Pilates sessions are key points for getting your body back in balance. Once the pain is eased with a couple of Physiotherapy sessions you are able to start our Physio Postural Programme. In just four private sessions you will improve your posture and strengthen your muscles from head to toes. Alternatively you can join our postnatal Pilates group classes.

Our postnatal care goes beyond the physical body as we also understand the emotional roller coaster of delivering and caring for your new-born baby can bring to you. Our exclusive Postnatal Ritual and our Postnatal Reflexology will fully support you in your quest for well-being as a new mum.

This is our Postnatal Programme approach for Pelvic Girdle Pain, Back Pain, Sciatica or Pelvic Floor dysfunction. It is a holistic and comprehensive programme targeting both body and mind.

This is what Angie, one of “my” mums wrote on her testimonial that shocked me: “I thought naively that the pain was just something that I had to endure – the product of having 2 babies in a row, how wrong I was!!!

Please read the full Postnatal Physiotherapy Testimonial and find out how our Physio programme helped new-mums who suffered from PGP.

Thank you Angie for your powerful testimonial and for sharing your progress with Physiofit Woman. I wish I had met you earlier so that you could have had enjoyed your pregnancy in a different way. Nevertheless, I’m delighted that our Physiotherapy Programme worked miracles for you! Keep up the good work! 🙂

Deborah Fernandes, MISCP
Deborah is a Women’s Health Physiotherapist with 18 years of experience. She is also a qualified Antenatal Educator and Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates instructor and has been teaching her unique maternity programmes, Antenatal Physiolates© and Postnatal Phsyiolates© for the last 8 years in Dublin.