It has been quite a ride! Each year we have faced several challenges but 2020 so far beats them all!

Who could have thought that we would be facing a pandemic and the world would literally stop for 3 months?

Would you have believed if someone had told you that you would be either out of work or working from home, unable to see your family or friends because of a virus?

Our world as we know it went totally upside-down. As we slowly navigate through the uncertainties we face new challenges to find a new “normal”.

It has been very hard, plus adding a few health issues to the mix and we have the perfect recipe for a potential disaster! But I don’t give up easily!

As a small business, we are definitely struggling to keep our doors open and we are still in limbo but we are not giving up as of yet.

We are re-inventing ourselves moving as many services as we can online, such as the Physio-Pilates classes and the initial Physiotherapy Consultations. I am a hands-on Physiotherapist so there’s only so much I can do online and the reality is as one of my dance teachers said to me “ your classes are not just a Pilates class, your classes are physiotherapy sessions within a Pilates Class”. Thank you Angelica, because after so many years you finally managed to describe exactly what my classes are! <3

According to everyone attending my current classes, Online Physio-Pilates classes are here to stay! I found myself teaching three evenings which was more than what I was teaching pre-Covid-19!

We are still unsure when we can start the onsite classes in the clinic. It will depend on demand but one thing is for sure… I do miss having my ladies in the studio, even those who I have been trying to persuade them to leave us (as they really don’t need our classes anymore! They could actually teach them at this point, that’s how good they are!) <3

From August we are also going to promote our Physio-Workshops and I am going to focus on them, especially in my beautiful clinic in Wexford where I can even offer them as short-break retreats!

Thank you for the Google and Facebook reviews about our speciality workshops, keep them coming as this is how we will educate and give hope to others that are in need of our services

Due to popular demand, I am also hoping to launch our online membership classes in September. There’s a lot of work involved here so please bear with us.

I want to take this moment to appreciate our achievements over the last 12 years! No, they haven’t been easy but we have managed to do so much for so many,  that it’s impossible not to feel grateful! <3

When I look at this picture and all the pictures and videos on Physiofit Woman social media, I see how many lives we have touched! We were able to make a difference in someone’s pain, performance, health and well-being and this is a massive achievement. This is the reason why we are here in the first place and this is a reminder of why I need to continuing doing what I do!

Thank you for trusting in us over the last 12 years! Thank you for your continuous support especially during the lockdown, where you kept checking on me! Your care has touched my soul! <3

Remember, we are here because of you and I hope to continue to serve you and your family for many more years to come!

Deborah xxx

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