On Sunday, January 15th we had the launch of our new Physiofit Studio and I’m writing this blog post for two reasons. One, to thank every single person from family, friends and clients, who supported and believed in this project that took years to materialise. Two, so I can read it in the future at any time and think about how blessed I am to have believed in a dream and made it happen – Believe and Conquer because dreams do come true.

I had just come back from my Christmas break and in five days I had to manage the start of a busy period in the clinic and prepare for the launching of the new studio.

We don’t advertise for the services we provide in the Sandyford clinic as they are always in demand but the studio, well that’s a different story. I should have advertised the classes but I just didn’t have the time.

My Marketing Director, Mr. P did an amazing job in getting the new website and social media ready for the new studio. At the same time he redesigned Physiofit Woman’s website as we changed our logo. He also did some reception work while Liz was away and replied to some emails and Facebook messages for me and finally he helped me getting myself together to open my new studio. Seriously, what would I do without my Mr. P?

I also need to mention the immense support I have received from my friends. Friends who attended the open day and friends who sent their good wishes via phone, email and Facebook. Thank you so much, you cannot even imagine how much it meant to me.

I didn’t know what to expect and of course I was nervous about it but in the end everything went really well.

It was a very relaxed morning where people were chatting away while drinking tea and coffee and eating some sandwiches and yummy treats I got from one of my clients Vera from Sweet Creations.

We then moved on to have our first taster class: Fitness Boot Camp with Séan! Séan prepared the circuit for us and we did two rounds. All I can say is that we could not move our arms and legs the day after but in a good way (if there’s a good way). We awakened our muscles, the same muscles that went dormant for a few months and yes we paid the price for it…for two days we got a gentle reminder from our body every time we took a step or trying to move our arms. Why did we stop exercising in the first place?

After the Boot Camp I had my lovely Salsa teacher Angelica doing a mini salsa routine for us. Now that was fun. Men and women dancing, laughing and just having fun. Lots of endorphins being released and people were just happy. At the end requests to have dance classes in our timetable were made and it is for sure something that I will offer in the new studio. We finished the Open Day with a little Argentine Tango performance by yours truly and a friend who is an amazing Tango dancer.

As some of you know I had a 6cm rupture on my Achilles tendon 18 months ago. I had surgery and couldn’t walk for three months. It was a very difficult period in my life and even though I have a big and ugly scar, I was determined to go back to my main hobby and passion which is dancing. Yes, the scar is nasty but hey I’m walking and dancing and for that I’m truly grateful as it could have been so much worse.

That Achilles rupture was my final wake-up call to change things in my life and do more happy things that my body and mind were begging me for and regain part of my well-being.

What is it that your body and mind are begging you for? And what is stopping you from doing it now? Don’t wait for any traumatic wake-up call!

Have the courage to prioritise your health and take the first step now!

Check our Kylemore studio timetable. I’m joining Sunrise Boot Camp at 6.30am Mondays and Wednesdays. Who’s with me?

Healthy Wishes,

Deborah xxx

PS We can help you reclaim your health and fitness back. Reach out to us as we have a variety of services such as Physiotherapy, Massages, Prenatal Pilates, Postnatal Pilates and Pilates with Baby classes, Fitness classes and Pilates classes to help you with your well-being goals










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