Can you believe the wonderful weather we are having this October?

It is getting colder but the sun is still shining and bringing our mood up. As far the cold, as soon as you step into our clinic it is gone and you are welcomed by our friendly staff in a cosy and warm atmosphere.

We’ve been getting a lot of compliments from our clients regarding our clinic, its ambience, staff and about the results they are getting through our therapies. Thank you all for taking the time to send us your feedback.

Despite all of this we are still facing a major problem: our small studio. Clare has been chasing me for the last 3 weeks to give her my schedule for November classes. Our last Pilates courses for 2014 will start in November, we already have 70 names on our waiting list and there is still 4 weeks to go.

We are making our best efforts to find a bigger space but so far no success and although we are surrounded by other studios we are grateful to be your first choice.
Clare will start calling everyone in our waiting list next week and please remember that as always places are secured on a first paid/first served basis.

October is also Breast Cancer awareness month and we are happy to announce that we are now the only physiotherapy clinic offering Medical Pressotherapy to our Lymphoedema clients. Pressotherapy will enhance and complete our unique Breast Cancer and Lymphoedema services that includes: Shoulder and Scar Tissue rehabilitation, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Multilayer bandaging and specialised exercise programme.

Pressotherapy is a fundamental piece of equipment to help manage Lymphoedema. The excess lymphatic swelling resulting from the post-mastectomy surgery requires immediate treatment and maintenance. Watch this space as I will write more about our Breast Cancer and Lymphoedema Physiotherapy and post some of our testimonials.

As announced in our previous blog post, Physiofit Woman is adding a new therapy to our massage menu: our signature Well-Being Ritual. You’ve asked and we’ve listened and made this 90 min therapy available to any woman and not only to new mums. A must-have Ritual for any woman who wishes to detox, relax and feel good. As for our Halloween promotion we are offering all our clients a whopping 20% discount until the 31st of October. There’s no tricks here, just treats! 🙂

In addition to our special Well-Being offer we are also offering 15% off on our Reflexology Therapy and if you know someone who is going through cancer treatments this is a wonderful therapy to have.

Don’t miss out on our October Newsletter where we will talk about Reflexology and Cancer with a brilliant Reflexology testimonial from award winner Irish writer Emma Hannigan who bravely fought cancer for 9 times now!! One of  Emma’s bestseller’s book Talk to the Headscarf is Emma’s cancer journey memoir and there is a reference to her arm lymphoedema and how she felt after doing Manual Lymphatic Drainage sessions with me. Emma is truly an inspiration for all of us. Her new book, The Heart of Winter is out and not to be missed!

In our cooking section and within the Halloween theme, I made an Oriental inspired pumpkin soup and I must say it was delicious!

Do give it a try and let me know what your taste buds say about it.

Healthy Wishes
Deborah xxx