As we reach our Anniversary I have taken some time to reflect on these nine years and the challenges and blessings that made us who we are today.

Let me tell you it that has not been easy to build a business and manage it by myself. It’s been quite challenging going through uncertainty and doubts. Many of you comment on how successful my business is based on my waiting list and thank God on positive feedback but paying high rents to greedy landlords (Sandyford location only), managing staff, paying taxes, rates and bills that keep increasing non-stop, not to mentione my own personal challenges with my health over the last 10 years are just a few of my daily challenges that sometimes make me wonder why on I have my business doors still opened.

For sure mistakes were made and risks were taken but that is life. The good thing is that I have learnt valuable lessons from those mistakes and that gave me more clarity on where I want to go with my business and helped me to be more in tune with my life purpose.

Despite the challenges and the upsets associated with it I am grateful for this unique journey that has helped me build the strong Community of Women that Physiofit Woman is today. Your trust in my services and literally your trust in my hands over the last nine years has encouraged me to keep going and improve my skills to better serve you. Despite everything, I am blessed to be able to enjoy my work and I am blessed to be surrounded by a handful of key people who support me in this journey. One very important couple that helped me build my business without realising they were doing so are my apartment landlords, Paul and Geraldine. A kind-hearted and caring couple that has helped me throughout the last seven years in ways I cannot describe without having tears falling down by face. I just had to pay a small tribute to them during our 9th Anniversary celebrations as truth been told I wouldn’t be in business without their generosity.

We had a wonderful day on our Anniversary with some dance classes provided by my good friends and dance teachers, Bijay, Basia and Angelica. I hope you enjoyed our little Kizomba dance performance. For me and my dance partner Massimo it was the first time performing …nerves were present to the point I didn’t want to dance. But dance is my passion and I wanted to share with you all what I do in my spare time! It was so good to see some of “my mums” joining our Open day with their family, socialising with other parents and dancing with their children. Witnessing your family growing and some of you are already on your 3rd or 4th child with me is one of my many blessings in life.

I am getting closer to what I want to achieve with my business and I am getting closer to achieve my work-life balance…the same balance that I preach to you all to work on daily.

We cannot be happy if we don’t work on our health. My vision for Physiofit Woman is that people will eventually need to see me less and less for Physiotherapy sessions as they are getting stronger both physically and mentally by exercising more and taking better care of their health.  Spending quality time with friends and family is also important for our well-being and soon I will be able to provide this element in my business too! 😉

Stay tuned and in the meanwhile work on your wellness with Physiofit Woman!


Deborah xxx

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