Mother’s day! 🙂 I love Mother’s day and why (you may ask)? Because it’s a celebration day honouring motherhood and maternal bonds.

This Maternal bond can happen at any stage of a mother’s life but for some of you the maternal bond with your child starts with your pregnancy. It may happen when you discover that you are pregnant, or when you feel baby’s first kick or during your first scan and you just fall in love with the baby’s image and think you just saw the most beautiful baby in the world! 🙂

I would like to think that our services at PhysioFit Woman can help enhance this bond with your baby. After all that’s why we developed unique and specialised programmes.

I could talk about the numerous benefits of our Antenatal Physiolates classes with emphasis on the birth preparation or the interaction between Mother and Baby through our Baby Massage Classes or Mother & Baby Pilates and I can guarantee you that they all promote a healthy bond between you and your baby.

But I prefer to talk about Maternity Physiotherapy and how enjoying a pain-free pregnancy can actually help you develop that initial bond. If you are pregnant and in pain, your focus will be on the pain and ways of getting rid of the pain. Sometimes you will do the right thing but sometimes you won’t. It will all depend on location, type and severity of the pain, but regardless how mild the pain is, lets face it, it’s very annoying and it will ensure that you will not enjoy your pregnancy as you should.

We all hear that pregnancy pains are normal and part of the package but guess what? It’s not true and no mother-to-be should accept it. Pregnancy Physiotherapy can help to minimise musculoskeletal  pain and and in fact when intervene on time it can work almost as a miracle, as some of “my mums” would say! 🙂

Don’t put up with pain and get your pregnant body in our wellness mode!

Lets reward all mums out there for their presence, dedication and love with our 25% off in all Pregnancy and Regular Massages. Mums deserve it and that’s a fact!

Happy Mother’s Day and healthy wishes,




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