Ladies I know it’s cold out there but at least it’s sunny! Hope it lasts for this Valentine’s month.

In our clinic it’s always nice and warm so feel free to enjoy a treatment with us! 🙂

January went by as usual. It’s one of our busiest months with slimming and massage treatments being booked everyday and with new Pilates classes starting. Thank God that we have a bigger space for our Pregnancy Pilates classes in the Beacon Hotel: 14 pregnant women would not fit in my tiny studio!! Needless to say that there is no availability for Physiotherapy sessions with me until mid March but the good news is I’m training my new Physiotherapist Isabella. Although she started seeing some Lymphoedema and Sports injury patients, for sure in March she will be working full schedule.

I’m very happy to have found a Physiotherapist that is humble, eager to learn and not afraid of hard work. She will be under my mentorship for the next couple of years, working under my supervision and doing in-house training with me. She knows it’s not going to be easy (as you know, I am not an easy person to please and my standards are very high) but the hardship will pay off and I can promise you she will become a damn good Physiotherapist! 😀 You couldn’t expect anything less anyway.

Isabella came to our clinic at the right time. When Physiofit Woman featured on Xpose back in November 2014 for Reflexology for Cancer and Physiotherapy for Lymphoedema, the phone did not stop ringing. I was very hesitant about being featured on Xpose and I cannot thank enough the brilliant Irish Writer and breast cancer survivor, Emma Hannigan for the opportunity she gave us. Emma is absolutely amazing in promoting breast cancer and Lymphoedema awareness. The problem was, where would I fit everyone who wanted to have Physiotherapy for Lymphoedema? During the filming, I mentioned to the gorgeous and pregnant Xpose presenter, Karen Koster, that I had already a 6 week waiting list before Xpose so imagine how it would be after being exposed on national television! My fears were right and patients who got in touch with us back in November for Lymphoedema treatments are being seen now in February and March. It would probably be March, April if Isabella hadn’t been here to help me.

Women from Swords, Malahide, Kildare, Dublin city centre, Wicklow, Wexford, Waterford and other places, travel to our clinic on a weekly basis to get Physiotherapy treatments for their post-cancer Lymphoedema. For the majority of them, it is the first time that they get some relief on the swelling they live with. The results have been incredible and we will post some new testimonials soon.

March is Lymphoedema awareness month and we will be launching our dedicated Lymphoedema service with Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Pressotherapy, Multilayer Bandaging and exercise.

On a different note, our Toddler Yoga and Kids Yoga taught by our talented Katerina is going really well. It is so nice seeing children interacting with each other through games and storytelling, exercising and learning new yoga postures and being calm and chilled-out at the end of the session by the relaxation and meditation exercises.

Our therapists are getting booked out for our Massages and Rituals. After all Valentine’s day is fast approaching and hubbies are getting our gift vouchers. For this Valentine’s month, we are offering 15% discount on all Massages, Rituals, Reflexology and Facials.

If you are looking for a special pampering experience, why not try our Cupid’s Treat: a stress-melting back, neck and shoulder massage followed by a glowing facial for only €65! <3

What are you plans for Valentine’s Day? I know we are fully booked until 5pm with physiotherapy and massages but after work I will be prepping for a romantic dinner in town with Mr. P! Can’t wait! 😀

Healthy Wishes and love yourself this Valentine’s Day!
Deborah xxx