Happy New Year to you ALL!

One year gone and another about to start! It seems to me that time is flying too fast for my liking.

I go back to my last year’s resolution list and see how many I’ve achieved. Pretty much every box is ticked on the professional level but very few on the personal level. This year I aim to focus on my well-being and social life. I miss spending time with the ones I love and doing things that make me really happy. It’s also a new chapter in my life as I reach the “middle age” … gently put into words by a very close friend of mine. And no I don’t have any botox or any fillers or anything resembling any minor non-surgical procedures on my face! 😛

Looking back to what I have been through in terms of health, professional and personal life, I consider myself very fortunate. I’ve conquered my fears, grieved my losses and I’m still dreaming as if I were 20 years old! Sometimes life is not easy but I’m so grateful to be surrounded by people who genuinely care about me and wish me well – this includes my partner, family, friends, staff and customers. This feeling gives me strength to continue my work to the best of my abilities and adapt to changes as challenges arise.

I want to be as diligent with my personal and social life as I’ve been with my business life. Let’s see if I will be able to find the balance this year. I hope to meet my friends more, have a massage at least once a month, dance loads, have more holidays and have more dates with my other half. Am I asking for too much? 😛

To achieve this goal I’m reducing my hours starting this month.  The good news is I have now a full team ready to give their best and continue to provide the same high standards that we are known for. Thinking that I started 2014 with just me and one part-time staff and now we are a total of seven team members, it is just overwhelming.

From January until March I’ll be busy training my new Physiotherapist Isabella and as usual every two months my massage therapists Dalila and Roseline have their CPD in-house training as well.

So if you would like to be a model for Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Pregnancy Massage, Postnatal Ritual, Pressotherapy, Facials and Slimming services throughout January and February, please contact Clare and let her know about your availability.

I do continue to have a six week waiting list for Physiotherapy appointments but soon this will change as Isabella will be taking over some of my workload.

I am delighted to announce that we have partnered with the Beacon Hotel, meaning that guests staying at the Hotel will now avail of our unique massage and beauty treatments at a preferred rate. You will be able to book online at the time you make your hotel reservation and on the day of your treatment with us, just present us with your room key.
We are The Beacon Hotel exclusive Beauty and Wellness provider and as a result, do expect more options in terms of beauty treatments in the next couple of months. Roseline is our qualified Beauty and Massage therapist and with her Nursing and Midwifery background you can rest assure that all treatments will be performed to the highest quality. To complement our unique PAYOT facials, we are adding a new eyebrow threading and tinting performed by our qualified Nurse and Beauty Therapist Roseline. Please note that a patch test is compulsory and service will not be provided without the test. She will also be responsible for our amazing microdermabrasion facials and new beauty services will be added in the next couple of months.

Dalila will start Baby Massage in February and together with Katerina will continue their Yoga for Toddlers and Yoga for Kids. Luca, my nephew did the Yoga for Toddlers and it’s so cute to see him doing the tree or gorilla pose! Pictures will be posted soon on our Facebook page.

Pregnancy Pilates Level 1 and 2, Postnatal Pilates, Beginners Pilates, Physiofit Woman Pilates Level 1 and 2 will start on the 12th and 13th of January. All our Adult Pilates classes will be moved to the Beacon Hotel while our Mother & Baby and Kids classes will be held in our clinic.

Also in January we are re-launching our ever so popular Packages. We offer three exclusive packages with significant discounts:  Bride-To-Be, Mum-To-Be and New Mum. Please follow this link for more details.

We have two special promotions for this month: 15% OFF on our Reflexology Therapy and a dedicated slimming package with a whopping saving of €205: Happy Fit You.

Happy Fit You package includes:

  • 2 Lipolaser sessions
  • 2 Vacuum Therapy sessions
  • 2 Pressotherapy sessions
  • 4 Cardio sessions

A total of 10 slimming sessions to help you start your well-being resolutions for just €495!

Be Happy, Be Fit, Be You with a little help from Physiofit Woman. 🙂

Call Clare on 01 2932969 to book your package now!

In the meanwhile I wish to thank you once again for your continuous support throughout the years and here’s to hopefully what will be a great 2015!

Healthy Wishes,

Deborah xxx

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