Here we go again! A new year is starting and with it comes the promise of new goals and resolutions. I wonder how many of us will actually stick or commit to them and see the final results?

I also set myself with a new goal for this year: to (finally) have my Physiofit Woman website up and running in 2013. The actual decision started in 2012 and slowly but surely, the dream is finally taking shape.

It is not easy to build a company and after nearly 4 years, change its name and concept… but I really feel that in the end this change was inevitable and quite overdue.

Our current website, Body Elements, saw a revamp in 2012, where we gave the necessary emphasis to women’s health services. After all that’s why most of our customers keep coming back year after year. I do have to say that even though the site was more focused on the female end, this did not stop the male customer from contacting us either for Physiotherapy or Sports massage. How will it work with PhysioFit Woman? I really don’t know! Specially if one of our “mums” ask me” Deborah, my husband injured his leg while playing football last week, is there any chance you could see him…please?” 🙂

Anyway, Physiofit Woman is work in progress but we plan to have the new Website up and running very, very soon.

In the mean time enjoy the January offer Happy New You! with a generous discount in all of our slimming services. It is just a little help from us to kick start your New Year Resolutions!

Also my Prenatal and Postnatal Physiolates classes are starting on the 23rd of January and I can’t wait to see you all getting fit and stronger for the new challenges: either preparing for Childbirth or recovering from it! 🙂

During 2012 we had a lot of requests for our regular Pilates classes and now we are delighted to say that you can come back for our Mat Pilates Classes. Jackie will start teaching Beginners level on Thursday, 17th of January at 5.30pm and intermediate level at 8pm. More classes will be available in February.

Healthy wishes,


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