This video is not about injuries but about LOVE!

The unconditional love a mother has for her children that will be forever present even when the children grow and start their own family.

Then that unconditional love will extend to the grandchildren and who knows to the great-grandchildren too!

A mother’s priority is always her children and often her own well-being is neglected. They run on auto-pilot and just keep going no matter what because they know that the family needs them. They are not aware of the invisible marks of time passing by and they are not listening to their bodies. They don’t have the time to get their body and mind stronger and fitter and they forget to nourish the Self. They are too busy taking care of others. But who takes care of mum?

This week I had the privilege to see how a daughter’s unconditional LOVE for her mother, whose life was dedicated to raise her 5 children and now actively helps with her grandchildren, ignited her mum’s physical and emotional healing. Being able to witness the love, care and affection that a daughter, who is now a mum herself, shared with her own mum made me realise how important it is to raise your children with unconditional love and affection. This daughter did not want anything else but to help her own mother to feel better, even if it just meant to take some time off from her busy granny’s schedule to pay a visit to a Physio. This daughter was just looking to retribute the love and care she received from her mum over the years.  Sometimes, all you need is to pause for a moment, breathe and listen to your body. It is OK to be fragile, it is OK to cry and it is OK to ask and receive help from your children.

I leave you with this thought and I wish you spend a lovely Mother’s Day in the company of your loved ones.

Deborah xxx

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