March was so hectic and it does not seem that April is going to be any easier.
We are without a receptionist at the moment so bear with us as myself; Isabella and Roseline are trying to accommodate your appointments, phone calls and emails.

Knowing me, it will take me some time to get someone I trust to hold the responsibility of managing a busy clinic reception. Also it’s not easy to find someone that can multitask and learn all of our services, treatments and classes and understand how we operate our clinic. Rest assured that with time, whoever accepts this overwhelming task will be able to master the ins and outs of Physiofit Woman admin work.

We are closed for the Easter weekend as I want to give my staff a break. Isabella has been undergoing a lot of in-house training at the same that she is working full time in the clinic.

In March I brought my MLD/Oncology Physiotherapy teacher Mr. Nuno Duarte and his wife Ms. Mariana Duarte to give Lymphoedema training to Isabella. Mr. Nuno was my teacher 21 years ago!! He is also the representative of Professor Leduc MLD school in Portugal and so far he has organised together with Professor Leduc, 15 MLD Leduc training for Physiotherapists in Lisbon. Both Nuno and Mariana work in the largest Oncology hospital in Portugal – the Portuguese Institute of Oncology where Mr. Nuno is the Physiotherapist Manager.

Nuno and Mariana arrived in Dublin on the 20th of March and during three intensive days Nuno covered Manual Lymphatic Drainage for all oncology-lymphoedema related surgeries such as Breast Cancer, Face, Head and Neck Cancer and Gynaecological Cancer. We also covered multilayer bandaging and Pressotherapy. Mariana works only with Breast Cancer and she covered all the exercises that can be done through different stages of Breast Cancer rehabilitation.

Please note that this was a top-up training for Isabella as she already holds the basic MLD Leduc Training from her native Italy. As you can imagine, three days are not enough to train a Physiotherapist in the treatment and management of Lymphoedema. Physiotherapists have to hold Anatomy & Physiology plus Oncology training from a University level and then undergo Professor Leduc 70h minimum training and constant refresher trainings to keep our skills up-to date.

The goal of this in-house training was to bring Isabella’s MLD training to the next level as I wanted her to be familiar with the lymphoedema work that I would be used to do when living and working in Portugal.
This training was crucial as we have been busy with Lymphoedema treatments since we got featured through the cancer series that Irish Author Emma Hannigan was presenting in Xposé back in November 2014.

So if you are suffering from primary or secondary Lymphoedema do not hesitate to contact us and get a consultation to see firsthand how Physiofit Woman can help you.

We have the training, the experience and the technology to help you manage your Lymphoedema to a comfort level so you can carry on with your daily life.

Call (01) 293 2969 or email: [email protected] to get your Physiotherapy consultation now!

In the meantime I hope you have a lovely Easter with your family and friends.

Healthy Wishes,
Deborah xxx

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