I decided to host a Christmas coffee morning on the 21st of November. As usual, I have a lot going on in my life and I juggle between running a busy practice, attending training and Continuous Professional Development courses both in Ireland and abroad and trying to have a life.

Recently I lost the most important person in my life: my daddy! He was my role model, my hero, my best friend, my strength and my best supporter. I would not have this clinic if it was not for my dad’s continuous support and belief in me. He was always there for me, in the good and in challenging moments.

Dad was in a coma for more than a year and I would visit him at least once per month. Things changed when I broke my Achilles tendon in June and I could not walk for nearly three months. Three months without seeing my daddy! One day I called my mum and said “I’m coming home tomorrow.” Mum immediately asked “Why? What’s wrong?” I said “Nothing, I just miss dad so much and I have a feeling that he will not be around for Christmas. I have to see dad”. So I went and spent some quality time with him and said what I needed to say to let him go in peace. Four weeks after I visited him, my dad left us.

Attending the funeral, I never felt so many mixed emotions in one day. While I was coming to terms with dad’s passing I was overwhelmed with the condolences and support through messages, emails, phone calls from all over the world. The first flowers that arrived at the wake were from Ireland! I saw people that I didn’t see for ages, friends from Primary School, High School and College! Friends who drove two hours just to be there with me! I was completely speechless.

So after the funeral I felt compelled to organise this Christmas coffee morning. And the reason behind it is to show my GRATITUDE.

I am so grateful to have the family and friends that I have and to everyone who came to pay their respects. I would like to thank my practice staff for keeping my business running. And THANK YOU my loyal client. I would not be here if it wasn’t for YOU.

I hope you all enjoyed the Coffee morning in the Golden Ball. Thank you to Face Painting Ireland for entertaining the kids; and let’s not forget that amazing cake Ali baked for us from Ali’s Adventures in Bakerland!

This event was organised in the memory of my Dad and your presence meant a lot to me. Seeing you with your family and some of my clients who I have known for more than six years was just amazing. It is in this pool of beautiful and kind people that I replenish my energy and continuing my purpose in life: to help and care for you.

I hope to continue to serve you and your family well for the years to come.

Deborah xxx

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