I heard about Deborah long before I met her…

As I lay in hospital on the night of the 10th February, pain shot through my body. I was just beginning to get feeling back into the left side of my body. My back hurt in places I didn’t know could hurt. I was 16 weeks pregnant.

The previous day was one I will not forget in a hurry. I was in town with my pal for a spot of shopping. I was thrilled to be in town because it was the first time in weeks and weeks that I didn’t feel too sick to move. Our good spirits in Jervis Shopping Center came to an abrupt end that day when I was randomly assaulted. An ambulance and the guards were called. I was given the choice to check my baby or myself as they could only go to one hospital. I choose my unborn baby. The left side of my body was numb, my back was in a lot of pain when they wheeled me out of the shopping center in a wheelchair. Off we all went to A & E at the Coombe.  The medics in the ambulance were wonderful and very thorough. At the Coombe I was scanned and my baby was all good. I was so relieved but was still suffering from shock which I think helped to keep my pain at bay and I spoke very little.

The next day was Sunday and I was admitted to hospital as I was diabetic. My diabetes developed during my pregnancy and I had to be observed overnight. Overnight turned into 4 – 5 days. But it was a success because when I finally got out of hospital I was able to administer insulin at ease. It was the first night of my stay at the Coombe that my body finally let me know the full extent of the pain it was in and I was in agony.

This was the beginning of a very long and uncomfortable pregnancy for me. I continued my yoga classes, swimming and walking. But I noticed I wasn’t as flexible as before and smaller mundane actions could hurt like hell. I am ashamed to say that I did not know what to do. I went to my doctor and told her about my assault and as a result my pelvis was starting to come at me and my back. She recommended a sports physiotherapist. I didn’t go. Instead I went to a recommended chiropractor. To be honest and I feel a little shame here – I did not know the difference. I was in survival mode as I had a toddler, was pregnant and self-employed. So it was a busy time. The discomfort prevented me from working/teaching as I had pain getting up and down from the floor. All the pain caused my energy and moods to be low.

It was during this time that my pal Andrea told me about Deborah. I looked up the Physiofit Woman website to which I read ‘fully booked’. I kept my eye here for a long, long time. One day I thought, I am going to ring. I was mortified because I didn’t even know what a physiotherapist did really. I texted. I rang. Eventually I got Deborah. Deborah was exactly who I was looking for! I needed someone with her passion to care for me and so I got a place on the September Posture workshop. I was thrilled and frightened in equal measures because I did not know what to expect. This was 2 months after giving birth to my second baby Heidi.

Before the Posture workshop with Deborah, I was feeling a bit sceptical and I did not know what to expect. Also the thought of 3 hours in a workshop seemed so long. At this stage I was breast-feeding, running a modest Drama & Theatre school for kids and young people all while running after a very active toddler. I instantly warmed to Deborah. Her passion for women’s health, her energy and enthusiasm was infectious. I was hooked and the 3 hours flew by. Deborah made what she was teaching very accessible and easy to understand.

After the workshop there was a Physical change in how I held and carried myself. This was immediate because I was now aware of how I should be holding myself. I had developed bad habits (that I was not even aware of) and my body had over compensated in different areas of my body where I developed pain and discomfort. I learned so much from that posture workshop about my everyday mundane moments such as:

  • Turning in bed
  • Getting dressed
  • walking/standing
  • Carrying baba
  • Driving

I took everything on board and became aware of my day to day movements. My pain instantly became less because I was awoken to how I should be holding myself. My partner said without prompt that week, ‘you seem to be carrying yourself better alright’ and I was. I could feel it. I still had discomfort due to that fall in Jervis, but I was definitely on the road to recovery and signed up for physio Pilates without hesitation.

I really enjoy physio Pilates week on week. I can feel myself getting stronger from the inside out as I am getting back control of my body. It is still a work in progress and I really believe my body went into shock after that random assault in Jervis. But now I am well on the road to recovery. My pain comes back when I am tired or stressed but, thanks to Deborah, I am able to manage my discomfort and know what exercises I need to do. Now I am able to move with much more flexibility and freedom which allows me to play with my two daughters. Hazel is 3 years old and Heidi is 1 year old. I also run a Drama & Theatre school for children and young people.

About Adrienne Lee

Adrienne Lee attends our Physiotherapy services as well as attended our Posture workshop after the birth of of her second child and our services changed her life! Read her story above to see how physiofit Woman has helped her. Adrienne has many years experience and education as not only an actor/playwright but as a Drama teacher, working in and outside many schools in the Dublin area. Adrienne is the proud business owner of the wonderfully successful Play Act Drama School . Play Act Drama School was recently featured on Ireland AM. Play Act drama school is an inclusive drama in education experience where children instinctively enjoy playing, pretending and having a lot of fun! At Play Act Drama School, the students lead the way in the drama sessions by mixing improvisational play with structured classes while making friends, having a laugh, learning communication and problem solving skills and so much more. Their workshops and classes are designed in close consideration with the primary school curriculum and are currently being offered on their Play Act Live Channel weekly as well as week long physical summer camps in August in Sandyford, Glasnevin and Inchicore. To join in on the fun and learn more about this amazing opportunity for your children,check out their Facebook page , their website or follow Play Act Drama School on  Instagram.  To book into a class on their live Channel or physical camp click here!

August Physical Camps: August 3rd – 14th
5 – 16 years / 9.00 / 9.30 – 2.00, Glasnevin/Sandyford/ Inchicore
Students will spend their days doing Drama, Devising, Art, Music, laughter, making friends and lots more!

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