June did not start off in a good way. After a one-week break in Lisbon I managed to have a bad silly fall on my last day of holidays. My left foot got very swollen and I couldn’t help but limping. I got a crutch at the Pharmacy in the airport, which helped me with the travelling. Thank God a friend of mine was also travelling on the same day; otherwise I do not know how I would have managed.

When arriving to Dublin I called Mr. P who as usual came to my rescue. I decided not to do much about it as I had no major pain but after one week of no improvement I went to my GP and I possibly got the worst news: “ Your Achilles Tendon is gone and you need surgery ASAP”.  “No way “…I said, I cannot have surgery now that all my Pilates classes are starting and I have so many new Physiotherapy appointments already scheduled in!! I don’t have time for surgery!

Well, things are not always the way we want them to be. I pulled myself together, got a taxi and went to the clinic to make the necessary arrangements for what was coming ahead. Got another taxi and went to the hospital and after the initial triage I was sent for an XRay and Ultrasound. I knew the Ultrasonographer and she had already asked me to go to her to have the scan done the week before, but I was in denial and told her it wasn’t necessary! The scan confirmed a 6-cm rupture on my left Achilles Tendon and surgery was the only option left. Plaster cast was on and I was told to come at 7am the next morning.

Surgery went well (I think), but I’m very sore and this cast weighs a ton!

The Healthcare Staff in Saint Vincent’s (public) Hospital were just amazing. From the triage nurse to the triage doctor and from the diagnostic team to the orthopaedic consultant and day care unit nurse, the care was outstanding.

And now here I am, forced to slow down against my will. Life is funny sometimes and as I hadn’t listened before to my body telling me I needed to slow down I am now forced to do so. Six to twelve months of rehabilitation awaits me and poor Isabella has to do a pretty damn good job with the worse of her patients…me! No pressure, Isabella. 😀

All of my Physiotherapy appointments for the next two weeks will be cancelled. My sincere apologies to all of my patients for all the inconvenience caused. I am absolutely gutted to have to do this. Isabella will be running the remaining four Pilates classes with me beside her and I hope to resume gradually my work within the next four weeks.

Life goes on in the clinic and its business as usual. I may be OFF work for a couple of weeks but my amazing staff will keep providing you with Physiotherapy, Massage and Classes.

As I mentioned in my last blog post we are having a special promotion for our Ultrasound Anti-Cellulite Massage. Say goodbye to cellulite and hit the beach with our special offer where you save €20 per session! We don’t have much availability but the offer is valid from 15th June to 30th of June.

Keep enjoying the nice weather! 🙂

Healthy Wishes,

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