When we think that we are in pain
When we think that we are suffering
When we think that life is not easy
When we think life is unfair

There’s always someone who is in more pain and suffering than us to remind us that we should be grateful for the blessings that life offers us every day!

We all have a purpose in life and until we find out what that is we go on a journey of uncertainty. We go on conquering our battles, sometimes winning them, sometimes falling but always picking ourselves up and standing up to conquering them again. Our family & friends, our other half, our job & colleagues, clients strangers and even people who have hurt us, they all help us grow and become a better person in this life. They help us define who we really are and get closer to our life purpose.

Enjoying the journey, accepting it with an open heart and being grateful for the ups and downs that makes us stronger will make the journey smoother for all of us!

Deborah xxx

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