We have a lot of news for you for this start of this year. One of them is that Physiofit Woman is revamping its image.

It’s the start of a new year and I like the idea of new beginnings, new energy and setting our goals for the year ahead. So no perfect timing to re-brand Physiofit Woman with a new logo and a new website.

Each logo has its own meaning and although I loved the previous logo I felt the urge to update it to match and better represent the services we offer in our Physiotherapy Clinic.
As the clinic evolves so does the branding and voilà!

The colour scheme is softer and more feminine and the flower, well the flower has a funny story to it. I asked my staff and female patients (of course) what was the first word that came to their minds when they looked at the flower. We got a few different answers such as “it looks like ovaries” and “it seems like the female reproductory system” or “it looks like a seed that grows into a blossom flower like representing the different stages of a women’s life”. Bingo! Flower stays and that’s it!

Easy decision really, after listening to my clients’ feedback I got the answer I was looking for.

This is exactly what we have been doing for the last eight years at Physiofit Woman: looking after a Woman’s Health at any stage of her life. From Pregnancy to Postnatal and Physiotherapy for Children, Osteoporosis, Breast Cancer and Lymphoedema we offer specialised Physiotherapy, specific massage therapy and dedicated Clinic Pilates Programmes to promote health and general well-being.

My twenty years of hands-on experience are quite relevant I know that, but what really drives me is my passion to help women achieving their full potential in terms of their health and well-being goals. There’s no bigger reward than seeing a woman’s body recovering from pain and trauma and blossom into full health. Who’s with me on this one?
Thank you for allowing Physiofit Woman to serve you and your family in this quest for better health. I am looking forward to continuing to serve you throughout the year and years to come.

I hope you like our new logo and website where we will be introducing online booking for both massages and classes soon.

I can’t wait to welcoming you to our Clinic and our new Studio in 2017.

Healthy Wishes,

Deborah xxx

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