This is me at the moment, feeling excited but apprehensive at the same time for my nephews who are starting school next week, and their parents. Over the last couple of months, “back to school” was a hot topic during the physiotherapy sessions in the clinic with mix feelings and different opinions. Now the time is finally here, and fingernails are being put to the test. I know that most parents are feeling nervous and somewhat anxious in letting their children back to school. The reality is, we never faced a pandemic before, and we are surrounded by uncertainties. But what can we do?

Let us begin by accepting that this anxiety that we are all feeling is normal and it is OK to feel this way, after all this is new to all of us. But at the same time, let us trust that the schools and the government are working together to ensure the safety of the children, teachers, and staff by implementing procedures and measures to the best of one’s abilities. We are all doing our best.

Let the children know that they are safe but if something happens all will be OK too!

Life must go on and children need their education, socialising and playing with their school friends, and they also need some sense of normality and routine back in their lives. They have been so good throughout this pandemic and have been asked to sacrifice so much too. They were true superheroes!

Stay positive and let us continue doing what we can to protect ourselves and those we love.

Wishing all children, their parents, teachers and staff the best of luck going back to school.
All will be OK! <3

Deborah xxx

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