New Laser Fat Reduction treatment brought to you by Physiofit Woman.

We are very excited to bring you a proven solution to reduce the localised fat in your body.

Our new equipment has now 8 laser pads that can be used in one single area or multiple areas during the same session. This will be assessed by your therapist during your slimming consultation.

Throughout the years, our fat reduction laser treatments have had amazing results. Laser therapy is a technology that I absolutely trust and as a Physiotherapist I’ve been using this form of electrotherapy for the last 17 years to help my patients recovering from sports and musculoskeletal conditions.

So how does this Laser helps with “spot fat reduction”?

The Lipolaser emits Low Level Laser energy which safely penetrates the skin up to 9mm, just deep enough to reach the subcutaneous fat layer.

When stimulated by the LipoLaser pads, the fat cell membranes are disrupted and the fat cell content is released, shrinking the fat cells.

8 Sessions are recommended over a 4 week period – 2 sessions per week. To maximise results each treatment is followed with cardio exercise. A healthy balanced diet and regular physical activity are essential for best results.

Book your free consultation with our qualified therapist to rule out any contra-indications and find out more about how LipoLaser can help you achieve your goals.

Avail of our special introductory offer:

1st session only €55!!

For your free consultation with Physiofit Woman call (01) 2932969 or email us at [email protected]

Healthy wishes and get summer ready with Physiofit Woman! 🙂


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