Do you know that your posture can affect the way you dance?

Some of us recall our parents saying to us “put your back straight” or “mind your posture”. We all know that it is important to have good posture in sitting or standing position  or every day tasks. But what does that really mean? And how can we achieve it?

When your body is aligned your body is in balance. If there is an imbalance in one area of the body, the body will start compensating, creating other imbalances that will affect the rest of the body and most likely without you even realising that this is happening.

For a dancer, when your body is in balance you can produce efficient movement through your joints and your muscles are able to perform to its full potential. Postural Alignment will allow your body to function as a unit, producing movements that are strong, balanced, efficient and controlled.

Think about your dancing for a minute. When you are dancing, are you able to:

  • easily transfer your body weight while your dancing?
  • engage your core when you are spinning and finding your axis?
  • move your pelvis freely isolated from the rest of the body or do you move your upper body when you only wanted to rock your pelvis?
  • body roll and articulate your spine vertebrae by vertebrae?

Find out what type of posture you are and how this is affecting your dancing. Finding if you are a “hunchback”, “sway back”,  “turtle neck”,  “duck butt” will help you understand your posture and its implications on your muscles, joints and overall body alignment.

If you are a dancer but you are also suffering from aches and pains on your back, neck, shoulders or in any part of your body, this workshop is also for you. Focusing on aligning your body will help activating the muscles in the right way, including engaging your core muscles and it will also help reduce unnecessary load on your joints thus minimising  pain or discomfort, bringing your body back to neutral and improving performance.

Take your dancing to the next level!

This is a three hour workshop. In the first part we will work on

1- Postural Assessment

2- Activating the Core

3- Pilates Breathing

4- Re-discovering the Neutral Position

During the second part of this Workshop we will put into practice your new acquired Body Alignment in a Physio-Pilates class format working on general mobility exercises, core and body weight transference exercises, body isolation exercises, gentle stretches and body awareness exercises. This class also includes some muscle release techniques that you can easily use in your daily routine.

This workshop is a valuable tool that you can use for the rest of your life to improve your posture and performance.

If pain is present, it will help minimise back pain and sciatica pain, reduce stiffness and general joint pain. It is a tool that you can start practicing immediately and the more you practice the better you will get and the easier it will be to obtain the right alignment.

Improving your posture will have an impact on your performance, not just in exercise and sports but in your everyday life.

Improve your posture, improve your fitness, improve your well-being!

This is a once-off Workshop requested by one of the top latin dance teachers in Dublin, Angelica Duque. Angelica is the owner of Infinity Baila Studios and an important name in the dance community in Ireland. She has experienced first-hand Physiofit Woman’s services and felt the results in her own health and performance.

This workshop is part of our Physiotherapy services and as such you can claim back on your Health Insurance (depending on your plan) and claim 20% back on your taxes (Med1 Form).

Limited Spaces Available

Book online

Workshop Details:


Date: Sunday, 8th September
Time: 10.30am – 1.30pm
Location: Kylemore Studio (above Bright Lights)

Cost: €125 (Tea/Coffee and snacks included)

Booking available until the 6th September


Date: TBC
Time: TBC
Location: Wexford Clinic

Cost: €125 (Tea/Coffee and snacks included)

What to Wear

Tight fitting t-shirt/top and a pair of leggings.

What to Bring

Bottle of water


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