Why Attend our Parents-To-Be Retreat?

Most women wish that their partners are present but also actively participate during labour. But one cannot expect the other-half to know what to do if they are not prepared. If you ask any birth partner if they want to help during labour, they will say yes but they will also say they don’t know how to help!

This Parents-To-Be retreat is recommended for all expectant couples! A weekend aimed at bringing you basic clinical  knowledge and hands-on practical skills for what is coming up ahead delivered by Deborah Fernandes, Chartered Physiotherapist in Women’s Health and Kate Byrne, Child & Adolescent Psychologist.

As a couple you will feel confident, prepared and empowered to welcome your new bundle of Joy! <3

Arrive with your other half on Saturday at 2pm and get settled in your room in the lovely Rosemount House before starting the Workshop at 3pm.

Our Antenatal Physiotherapy Partner Workshop starts at 3pm and in this 2.5h practical Workshop you will:

    • Understand the Anatomy and Physiology of birth
    • Understand signs and different stages of labour
    • Learn how to use Obstetric Tens machine for pain relief during labour
    • Learn basic pregnancy massage techniques
    • Learn the best labour postures and breathing techniques to help you cope with pain
    • Understand your partner’s supportive role during pregnancy
    • Learn the right relaxation techniques to keep you calm and focused during labour
    • Manage your expectations: birthing plan vs birthing outcome

After the WS enjoy dinner in one of Wexford’s delicious restaurants and who knows a movie in the local cinema Arc. Following Breakfast on Sunday we will start our Parenting Workshop with Dr. Kate Byrne, our Child and Adolescent Psychologist. Kate has 9 children herself and will be guiding you on what to expect during the first year as parents.

*Parents-To-Be Programme


  • 2pm – Check in
  • 3pm – Antenatal Physiotherapy Partner Workshop with Chartered Physiotherapist Deborah Fernandes  (2.5h)
  • 6.30pm – Dinner (not included)


    • 8.30am – Breakfast (included)
    • 11am – Parenting Workshop with Child and Adolescent Psychologist Kate Byrne (1,5h).

*Max 3 couples!


1 night B&B at Rosemount House

Workshops at Physiofit Woman Wexford, adjacent to Rosemount House.

Next Date

September 2020 TBC


€ 285 per couple

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