Birthing Partner Workshop

Prepare for Childbirth with our practical and hands-on Birthing Partner Workshop.

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This Birthing Partner Workshop was expertly designed by our Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Deborah Fernandes, MISCP. With over 24 years of experience, Deborah has been teaching and preparing couples in Portugal and for the last 14 years in Ireland, for what is one of the most important days of their lives.

Education is Power!

The main aim of our birthing partner Workshop is to educate, prepare you for childbirth and give the necessary support and confidence to couples throughout their pregnancy Journey.

As a mum-to-be, you want to deliver your baby into this world in the safest, most gentle and comfortable way possible.

This workshop will help your birth partner understand their role during your labour and childbirth. This role is very important and if he/she feels confident and well-prepared, you will benefit greatly from his/her help. Deborah will teach your partner how to be present and involved with confidence during your labour.

Recommended from 28 weeks to 32 weeks of your pregnancy, this is a very practical, interactive hands-on Workshop with massage and movement involved.

For any mum-to-be, being physically and emotionally supported by their life partner during their pregnancy period is invaluable.

What will you learn from attending our Birthing Partner Workshop?

Our Birthing Partner Physiotherapy Workshop will help you:

  • Understand the Anatomy and Physiology of birth,
  • Understand signs and different stages of labour,
  • Learn how to use Obstetric Tens machine for pain relief during labour,
  • Learn basic pregnancy massage techniques,
  • Learn the best labour positioning and breathing techniques to help you cope with pain,
  • Understand your partner’s supportive role during the pregnancy,
  • Learn simple relaxation techniques to keep you calm and focused during labour,
  • Prepare for the unexpected and Manage your expectations: birthing plan vs birthing outcome.

Workshop details:

This workshop is now exclusive to mums-to-be attending our Pregnancy Physio-Pilates Courses.

Date: TBC
Time: TBC
Duration: 2h (1h presencial in our Dublin or Wexford clinic + 1h Online)
Total cost: €150 per couple*
Location: Dublin/Wexford Clinic + Online

What to Wear
Comfortable t-shirt and tracksuit trousers.

What people say about the workshop:

I started my journey to wellbeing with Deborah when I was 19weeks pregnant, I wanted to be prepared and well fit for when my baby would come. Soon after attending the posture and pelvic floor workshop I knew I found a competent and well prepared professional. Deborah is very honest, direct and hands on, she does empower clients with tools and knoledge, so the treatment is not just a physio session, but continues at home, with excercises aimed to keep the body fit and strong. I attended the pregrancy pilates classes and the partner antenatal class in preparation for my son birth, those have proven invaluable. I had to be induced and take the drip, which was my biggest fear, not wanting epidural, I was scared not to be able to endure the pain, but my body and my mind were ready, I focused on my breating and I was confident my body was trained and prepared. The midwives were amazed I was able to go through 8 hrs of drip without any pain relief. I wouldnt have been able to be as confident and empowered if it werent for the preparation I did with Deborah.

viviana pinfari Avatar viviana pinfari
January 28, 2021


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