Pilates is a wonderful type of exercise for improving your core stability. Improving your core stability helps you correct your postural imbalances and significantly improves back pain.

Having Pilates One on One sessions allows you to exercise according to your needs, your specific posture-type and can address your muscular imbalances and particular areas of tension.

Our Pilates One on One sessions can be scheduled at a time that suits you. These sessions are basically personal training sessions with you and your Pilates instructor.

During a one on one session, your individual needs will be assessed, your health history discussed, and your goals laid out. From the initial session, your posture will be assessed and an individual exercise program will be developed for you to undertake in the subsequent sessions. Individual concerns that can be addressed may include posture, strength, flexibility, specific injuries or chronic conditions.

Benefits of taking our pilates one on one sessions are:

  • Personal Private Tuition with a Chartered Physiotherapist
  • Work at your pace and ability
  • Flexibility of scheduling times and session duration
  • Development of a personal Pilates exercise program
  • Reduced Back Pain
  • Release of Tension
  • Firming of Abdominal Area and Strengthening your Core Muscles
  • Improved posture
  • Increased Flexibility
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