Mum to Be Package

Congratulations on your Pregnancy!

Now is the time to start preparing your body and mind for the arrival of your new bundle of joy.  Physiofit Woman dedicated Mum to Be Package will keep your body fit, strong and ready for childbirth. Start by learning everything you need to know about your posture and pelvic floor in our dedicated three-hour workshop. Our unique 4 week Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates Programme will help you prevent common pregnancy ailments such as back pain and pelvic pain while you also learn valuable tips such as breathing and relaxation techniques for the big day.

Let our expert therapists soothe your aches and pains with our customised Pregnancy Massage. Our Pregnancy Massage is perfect to relax your mind and recharge your energies.

Our Summer Special Mum-to-be Package Includes:

3 hour Posture and Pelvic Floor Workshop
(8th July at 3.00pm in Kylemore Rd, Dublin 12)

4 week Antenatal Physiolates Course
(Monday 9th July in Ballyogan, Dublin 18 at 7.00pm or Wednesday 11th July in Inchicore, Dublin 12 at 6.30pm)

1 hour Pregnancy Massage
(Accepting bookings for August. Please note our Pregnancy Massage treatments are performed in the clinic in Inchicore, Dublin 12)

Total: €275
Package: €250

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